• John Boehner & Mitch McConnell Are Supporting Obama's Unconstitutional Amnesty Decree

    John Boehner & Mitch McConnell Are Supporting Obama's Unconstitutional Amnesty Decree

    For National Release: December 2, 2014

    Contact: Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) (866) 703-0864 WilliamG@alipac.us

    Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is calling on the more than 75% of Americans who indicated in exit polls during the historic 2014 elections that they oppose Obama's executive action on immigration to begin calling on GOP members of Congress to oust House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell from their leadership positions in January 2015 for facilitating and protecting Obama's unconstitutional illegal immigration amnesty orders.

    While John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are feigning opposition to Obama's amnesty decree for illegal immigrants, evidence collected at www.alipac.us indicates that each politician supports the very same immigration reform amnesty plans that Obama is instituting by executive fiat, and each has been duplicitous with Republican voters about their clandestine coordination with Obama on immigration reform amnesty.

    "Boehner and McConnell are trying to deceive all Americans and under their leadership Obama's nation-destroying amnesty decree will either prevail as US policy or be supplanted by a GOP amnesty bill as Mitt Romney is requesting," said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. "We need the large majority of Republican lawmakers in the new Congress who truly oppose Obama's amnesty dictate to throw Boehner and McConnell out of their positions immediately to shut down their efforts to facilitate Obama. Obama would have never attempted this dictatorial overthrow of the US Constitution without Beohner's and McConnell's assurances they would protect him from any real consequences."

    John Boehner has described himself as "Obama's best friend in Washington" and recently begged Obama in a White House meeting to give him another chance to pass amnesty for illegals (click for documentation). Mitch McConnell orchestrated the Republican support necessary to help Obama and the Democrats pass S. 744 behind the scenes while he himself voted against the bill to deceive Republican voters in Kentucky where he faced reelection in 2014 (click for documentation).

    While the US Constitution gives Congress the power to use funding or impeachment measures for Obama and Biden to rein in the Executive Branch and restore constitutional rule in America, John Boehner is talking about filing weak lawsuits and shutting down GOP lawmakers that want to stop Obama while Mitch McConnell and Mitt Romney suggest that passing the amnesty bill that Obama wants is the way to proceed.

    While ALIPAC is currently tracking 44 GOP members of Congress who are supporting Boehner's and Obama's amnesty for illegal aliens plan, 186 GOP lawmakers are not publicly on board with this betrayal of American workers, taxpayers, and voters. In the Senate, Mitch McConnell has the backing of Rand Paul (R-KY) and the 13 Republican Senators who voted to pass Obama's illegal alien amnesty bill S. 744 in 2013 that ALIPAC lobbied to stop in the House. Yet, 32 Republican lawmakers voted against S. 744.

    There are clearly enough GOP votes in the House and Senate to depose Boehner and McConnell from their leadership positions for supporting Obama's dictatorial bypass of Congress!

    ALIPAC is calling on its legendary activists who have played a role in stopping amnesty plans more than seven times over the last ten years to spring into action once again!

    Americans who oppose Obama's amnesty decree need to melt down the phone lines in Washington, DC, contacting GOP lawmakers and demanding they kick John Boehner and Mitch McConnell out of their leadership positions when the new Congress meets in January due to their efforts to facilitate and protect Barack Obama and his many misdeeds.

    For more information or to join us in calling lawmakers in DC to insist that the American public be provided with true opposition to illegal immigration, amnesty, and Obama by Republican lawmakers, or to schedule interviews please visit www.ALIPAC.us.

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