• New amnesty trick: Army of illegals

    'They want to join the military and hunt down America's enemies'

    Immigration reform supporters are pursuing “gimmicks” ranging from granting amnesty through military service to the needless exploitation of children, according to Center for Immigration Studies Executive Director Mark Krikorian.

    This week, Attorney General Eric Holder admonished public schools that they must enroll students who are in the U.S. illegally, and members of both parties continued their advocacy of the ENLIST Act, which would allow illegal immigrants to earn legal status by serving in the U.S. military. All of this comes as leaders in both parties push to get legislation done in the face of fierce conservative opposition.

    Published: 18 hours ago
    Greg Corombos
    World Net Daily

    On Thursday, Holder told school leaders across the country that denying enrollment because students are here illegally is unacceptable and a violation of federal law. His position is consistent with a 1982 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that struck down a Texas law at the time that allowed districts either to deny enrollment to such students or charge their families tuition to cover the costs for their education.

    Krikorian said the puzzling aspect of Holder’s comments is not that he holds that position but that he felt the need to articulate it.

    “Why he’s even making this announcement isn’t really clear. I think it’s more for political purposes to make them sound proactive to their left flank because there’s really no change in the law that he’s announcing. This has been the case for 30 years,” said Krikorian, who says between these comments by Holder and President Obama’s unilateral implementation of much of the DREAM Act, it’s clear the administration is using children to create emotional momentum for his immigration agenda.

    “The DREAM Act was designed merely as an advertising and marketing gimmick so they could say, ‘Look at these young people. They’ve lived here since they were three months old. They’re valedictorians. They want to join the military and hunt down America’s enemies. Therefore, lets give all 12 million illegal aliens amnesty.’ It’s really kind of transparent and cynical,” Krikorian said.

    “This announcement by Eric Holder I think is really more of the same. It sends the implicit message that people who don’t want to pass (New York Sen.) Chuck Schumer’s amnesty bill hate little kids. That’s the crude message that they’re trying to send,” he said.
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