Organizer of Murrieta resistance: 'We are creating humanitarian crisis for American people'

    MURRIETA, California – One of the organizers of the Murrieta, California, blockade, through which several buses loaded with illegal aliens were stopped from entering the city, is warning that the “humanitarian crisis” created by the surge of illegals entering the United States is going to turn out to be a “crisis” for Americans.

    Because of drug-resistance tuberculosis, polio, leprosy and other diseases that are accompanying the newcomers.
    The crisis on the border stems from a surge of illegal aliens, many children, who are arriving in the United States and turning themselves over the federal authorities to obtain housing, food, medical services and more.

    Critics of the Obama administration say it’s because his special plan to defer deportation action for young illegal aliens is attracting them from points in Central America where there are crime and health problems.

    In an interview about the issue, Patrice Lynes, organizer of the Murrieta protests, said while it may be a crisis for the illegal aliens to be in a crime-infested community in Central America, it’s just expanding the impact and creating a humanitarian crisis in the United States, too, when individuals with undiagnosed contagious diseases are dumped on a community.

    The threats include regular tuberculosis cases, and more, Lynes said.

    “Regular TB, drug-resistant TB, both are airborne and both are highly contagious. The regular strain costs about $17,000 a year to treat. The drug resistant strain may be not treatable and [if it is] will cost upward of $100,000 a year to treat,” she said.

    Then there’s the leprosy.

    “It’s highly contagious and not diagnosable necessarily by a parent,” she said. “A white spot on their face may not be recognizable as leprosy.”

    And there are the other tropical diseases, as well as swine flu, scabies and lice.

    “Polio will be coming across the border,” she said, “because children are not medically screened by the Border Patrol.”

    Notably, she reported, several U.S. Border Patrol agents already have been infected with communicable diseases because of their exposure to illegal aliens.

    “We will be creating a humanitarian crisis on the America people if we continue to allow this,” Lynes said. “The laws need to be enforced on the border … perfectly good laws.”

    She said they already have specifics for excluding those who cannot be allowed into the United States without posing a health hazard.

    The Obama administration has been relatively quiet regarding the major upheaval caused by the massive flood of illegal aliens, including many children, on the nation’s southwestern border.

    To the point when Obama planned a trip to Texas to raise political support, he declined to make plans to visit the border where the “humanitarian crisis,” as the situation has been characterized, exists.

    This has led at least two leaders, both members of Congress, to suggest that it’s part of an Obama-supported Cloward-Piven strategy.

    WND has reported how in the 1960s, professors Andrew Cloward and Francis Fox Piven of Columbia University, Obama’s alma mater, devised a plan to provoke chaos by deliberately overwhelming governmental systems and the U.S. economy to the point of collapse, paving the way for state intervention that would ultimately replace America’s free-enterprise republic with [B]a collectivist system.
    Supporters of such a plan would be happy to wreck any part of the U.S. system, because chaos, not order, is the goal.

    Likewise, those on the scene of delivery points for buses loaded with illegal aliens seemed to not want to explain their views on the invasion of the United States by tens of thousands of people who are bypassing the legal immigration path to simply walk across the border and claim government benefits.

    WND was on the ground in Murrieta, California, recently to track down those perspectives.

    Among those in attendance were members of the Brown Berets, defined online as a pro-Mexico secessionist group that wants to focus on returning U.S. territory once held by Mexico to Mexico.

    Brown Beret member and former Watsonville Mayor Oscar Rios was quoted once as saying, “It (California) belonged to us, Mexico, 1848. It was taken away, OK, so it’s no surprise we’re taking it back slowly but surely.

    When WND raised questions about possible contagious diseases, the members were dismissive.

    One of the group’s members said, “Children is important. … Children are of the world. Not of this country.”

    Asked specifically about the potential for carrying diseases, the member said, “You know, everybody gets diseases. … Have you checked em? I mean … I don’t care about that. These are innocent kids, period, and this is just straight racism. You can tell by the faces. If they were killed, if they were from Canada or somewhere, we wouldn’t be protesting white children, of course not.”

    The Brown Beret member said he was at the protests so that the children don’t “feel traumatized.”

    He said, “You’re coming up and telling me, ‘Oh, they got diseases and all that,’ you know what, I don’t wanna’ hear stuff like that. …”

    The Brown Beret member also complained that U.S. Border Patrol agents were treating children improperly.

    “Some of the Border Patrol are abusing them (the children on the buses), too. That’s what I’ve heard. But I don’t know. That is just what they tell us about them. So I don’t know, and uh, I don’t care. … If you think there is no racism here then you’re blind.”

    He said the movement across a national border isn’t relevant.

    “It shouldn’t be a crime to move from one area, to another area, because our people go back and forth all the time. They criminalize it, because they want to get a job, to be with their family, and they make that into a crime. We don’t think it’s right.”

    He said the movement across a national border isn’t relevant
    This from a guy who wants to "reclaim territory for another country? Or is it just this countries border that doesn;'t count?
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