• Obama Caught Helping Illegals To Kill Americans

    Obama Caught Helping Illegals To Kill Americans

    May 15, 2014

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    A firestorm of reaction continued to spread across America today in reaction to the Washington Times and Breitbart reports that the Obama administration has violated their oaths of office, numerous federal laws, and the US Constitution by releasing more than 36,000 convicted criminal illegal immigrants upon the unsuspecting public!

    A Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) study found that Obama has released at least 36,000 illegal aliens from prison who had convictions for murder, sexual assault, kidnapping, drug, and weapons crimes.

    These revelations have led Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) to repeat a call for the public and lawmakers to demand that Obama's Department of Homeland Security release the estimates of how many Americans have been killed or injured by illegal immigrants who benefit from Obama's refusal to enforce existing border and immigration laws designed by Congress to protect American jobs, taxpayer resources, elections, and lives. The original demand was issues after an earlier CIS report found 86,000 criminal illegals had been released.

    "Millions of Americans are being terrorized by criminal illegal immigrants and the knowledge that illegals are killing thousands of our citizens each year with the treasonous support of corrupt lawmakers, billionaires, and business leaders!" said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. "This recent revelation about the release of 36,000 convicted illegals proves that Obama is a liar; it proves Obama and his administrators are acting outside of our laws and that we should all consider Obama's deadly betrayals to be a form of terrorism conducted against the citizens of America! There is blood on the hands of every person supporting 'immigration reform' instead of our current laws which could save many jobs and lives!"

    While the American public reads in terror of the tens of thousands of known criminal illegal immigrants unleashed by the Obama administration in violation of existing US laws, the fate of immigration reform amnesty is in doubt as the firestorm of reaction spreads.

    While ALIPAC is tracking close to 50 Republican lawmakers (Click to view) in the US House who have indicated some support for helping Obama permanently legalize tens of millions of illegal aliens who would go on to dominate future US elections, those lawmakers are facing a massive backlash today in reaction to this Obama-ordered opening of federal prison doors for illegals.

    With the November 2014 general elections rapidly approaching and news of Obama's lies and released criminal aliens spreading rapidly, it is most likely that now Congressional attention will shift to holding the Executive Branch accountable for current laws and Constitutional requirements instead of accommodating with immigration reform amnesty.

    "Just watch what happens to the next Republican who opens his or her mouth with the words 'immigration reform' instead of going after Obama about this!" said William Gheen. "American citizens are enraged now and this story is helping them see more clearly how our own government has been compromised by the enemies of America that want to use illegal immigrants to overthrow our Republic and terrorize our citizens."

    American citizens who oppose the release of criminal illegal aliens are encouraged to join the political resistance to the illegal alien invasion of America at www.alipac.us.

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