• Obama Creates Smuggler Sanctuary for Illegal Aliens

    There seems to be no limit to the means Obama will use in order to facilitate the flow of illegal aliens into the country. He’s also seems fine with strengthening drug cartel operations while simultaneously hindering law enforcement in virtually every manner possible as it relates to border security.

    Obama’s announcement of a 600,000 acre national monument along the US – Mexico border his being roundly criticized by all concerned with the exception of his environmental lobbyists, the illegal aliens, and the drug and human smugglers.

    Once the area is in federal hands, many portions of it will be off-limits to local residents and law enforcement. Drug dealers will officially be prohibited from entering as well, but few outside of the Obama administration expect them to obey the signs.

    Rep Rob Bishop (R-UT), is the Chairman of the Public Lands and Environmental Regulation subcommittee on the House Natural Resources. He condemned the plan in a letter Monday, saying it would transform the region into an unregulated drug superhighway.

    Bishop said, “National Parks, monuments, and wilderness areas along our southern border have become prime drug-trafficking corridors for violent criminals and drug cartels. Restrictive environmental laws within these federal corridors limit Border Patrol access and, as a result, make it easier for drug smugglers and human traffickers to move their drugs and people in and out of the United States unnoticed.”

    Once again the method of choice for the scofflaw Obama administration is his pen, rather than legislative process. Bishop’s Communications Director, Melissa Subbotin, confirmed that Obama will undoubtedly bypass the Congress through use of the Antiquities Act.

    Subbotin described the Antiquities Act as a “tool for presidents to lock up land.” She said, “Environmentalists have had their eye on this specific land for a long time – they think that Border Patrol is destroying the landscape by driving vehicles on it. But it’s often individuals involved in the drug trade who are littering the area and making diversionary fires.”

    Whether or not border patrol agents are permitted to drive in the park will be a decision to be made by the Obama regime. “In some national monuments, no vehicle traffic is allowed.
    From a border patrol perspective, there is nothing but condemnation of the plan. Zack Taylor, the Chairman of the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers, described Obama’s actions as “the biggest breach of border security I have seen in the last 20 years. The people don’t want it, and the sheriff doesn’t want it. It is an open invitation for the foreign drug cartels and transnational criminals to bring their illegal drugs and aliens into the U.S.”

    A make believe “public discussion” was held during March, with imported pro-monument human props diluting the voices of the locals who were not notified in advance and caught completely unaware of the event. Democrat Senators Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich of New Mexico welcomed Interior Secretary Sally Jewell for the faux public event.
    Dona Ana County Sheriff Todd Garrison also says the federal government never contacted local law enforcement for their opinion on the matter.

    He said, “We have one of the largest cartels right across the Mexican border, and one of the most unsafe cities in the world. Are we supposed to believe that nothing’s going to happen here if we impede law enforcement authorities from doing their jobs? That’s just stupid.”

    Virtually every private citizen and every law enforcement agency in the area is opposed to the move. But they just live and work there, Obama knows best.
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