• Obama Team Celebrating NC's Robert Pittenger as new amnesty supporter!

    ALIPAC NOTE: This is the email we received from the Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of Facebook) group that is spending hundreds of millions of dollars to help Barack Obama pressure Republicans into joining with Democrats to pass a nation destroying 'immigration reform' amnesty bill. The email indicates they are very happy to hear that NC Congressman Robert Pittenger has joined the growing list of 36 GOP lawmakers willing to break with more than 85% of their conservative base to pass amnesty!

    Hey William --
    In just the last few days, there was important movement on immigration reform from Republican representatives in North Carolina and Ohio.
    On Monday, Rep. Robert Pittenger (NC-9) made it clear that he supports a pathway to legalization for undocumented immigrants, and recognized the economic value of that pathway. This was the first time he clearly articulated his position on the issue.
    Just a few days earlier, last Friday, Rep. Pat Tiberi (OH-12) made an important statement, as well.
    Rep. Tiberi said that he supports a pathway for undocumented immigrants, and DREAMers in particular. “These are innocent children who had no idea they were coming here (and who) in many cases, they have no other home,” he said.
    Let’s get these representatives' backs and thank them for their statements in support of reform.
    Click here to call and thank Rep. Pittenger if you live in North Carolina, or Rep. Tiberi if you live in Ohio.
    It’s critical that we act quickly to thank representatives who help us move forward.
    House Republicans have released their draft principles on reform, and we have to encourage them to keep moving this year. Every step is important, and the next few months will decide whether we succeed in passing reform in 2014.

    Let’s seize this moment and thank Reps. Pittenger and Tiberi for these important steps forward.

    Alida Garcia
    Coalitions and Policy Director, FWD.us

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