• Obama won't sacrifice immigration reform amnesty to protect Americans from Ebola

    Obama's immigration reform amnesty & illegal aliens take priority over Ebola and American lives

    by William Gheen
    President of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC

    October 14, 2014

    Americans are reading the news with horror as Obama's administration and his CDC refuse to take adequate precautions to slow the entry of pandemic Ebola into the United States, and the clear results of such continued dereliction of duty will be many more dead Americans.

    The Obama administration is clearly operating based on information and plans that are not rooted in constitutional governance, existing laws designed to protect Americans and those of us fighting illegal immigration for the last decade can provide the public with greater understanding of these betrayals.

    While the temptation is strong to blame incompetence, there is a very clear explanation for why the Obama administration is refusing to fight Ebola at our borders and airports.

    The Obama administration will not genuinely try to slow pandemic Ebola despite the danger to American lives because to do so Obama would have to abandon his promises to decree amnesty for illegal aliens and drop any push for immigration reform amnesty. Obama would have to stop his administration's Constitution and law violating practice of encouraging illegal immigrants to enter the US and then imitating the smuggler operations that brought them to our borders when he takes the illegals to the American heartlands for dispersal.

    Also, the documents that detail a plan for forming an economic union of America, Mexico, and Canada, dubbed the North American Union by critics of the plot, specifically state that disease pandemics are a threat to their open borders plans, which are proceeding despite massive public opposition and despite the fact such a union would require a treaty ratified by the US Senate which has never previously been ratified.

    We know that the Obama administration is not really trying to stop or slow Ebola based on what we can see happening and not happening in the news, and based on the fact that we know Americans never mess up this badly unless we intend to.

    The documents cited here indicate that the political servants of the CFR like Obama and Bush are instructed not to restrict travel to block or slow pandemics due to the negative impact on commerce.

    It is logical deduction that Obama would have to abandon immigration reform amnesty promises to stop Ebola from infecting Americans.

    We all just saw what happened when a week after the Obama administration told another lie among many that Ebola was unlikely to enter the US, "Ebola Eric" (Eric Duncan) landed in Dallas, TX! Obama's Ebola Eric flew in from the pandemic Ebola outbreak epicenter of Liberia weeks after all inbound flights should have been restricted to essential travel only; he should never have been issued a visa to visit because he was unemployed and a high risk of becoming an illegal alien by overstaying his visa as half of our millions of current illegal immigrants have!

    Even so, Ebola Eric should have been met and screened by CDC employees at the airport but that did not happen either.

    Ebola Eric's virus contaminated vomit was cleaned up by immigrants with a garden hose wearing no masks, gloves, boots, or protection of any kind instead of a CDC team (click for pic).

    Instead of immediately quarantining Eric Ebola's family members who were in the apartment with Eric when his organs began to liquify, the family was left in the contaminated apartment and found out Eric had Ebola from the news and not the hospital or the CDC!

    No CDC emergency response for Eric Duncan's family who were eventually carried away by socialist activist judge Clay Jenkins who entered the Ebola contaminated apartment without protective gear, then transported Duncan's family to a new location, then showed up at a public press conference wearing the same shirt! Clay Jenkins is the same judge that set up housing for illegal alien youths in Dallas and promised to crack down on any American protesters who dared to express complaint. The family of Ebola Eric was handled by an Obama political operative, not trained medical professionals with the CDC and the close involvement of Clay Jenkins shows the solid connection of illegal immigration and Ebola outbreak issues!

    Once again fellow Americans, we do not mess up at our jobs this badly in any respect unless it is intentional and here is how we know.

    Precedent with 2009 Mexican Flu

    When the last pandemic flu strain emerged in Mexico, it should have been called Mexican flu because new strains are always named after their point of origin. But since that would harm the effort to force a merger of economies in North America thus destroying the border, Constitution, and sovereignty of America in the process it was renamed inappropriately as "H1N1 Flu" or "Swine flu."

    When our Border Patrol agents tried to wear protective masks as they searched vehicles at checkpoints that had carriers of the Mexican pandemic flu, they were reprimanded from Washington and told not to do so as wearing masks might alarm the citizens of Mexico and America and make them worry about "borders"! Our ALIPAC copy of the video of this explosive news was hacked down from our YouTube account but we have restored it for you! (Click Here)

    So Obama and his previous Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano have put American lives at risk before to protect their open borders agenda. When Americans need time to plan and prepare a response to deadly pandemic diseases, the Obama administration will not even allow the appearance that borders are a factor in stopping or slowing the spread of the disease!

    Documents Show Open Borders Response To Pandemics Part of Merger Plans

    To be fair, many of these open borders protocols were set in motion under the Bush administration where the plan to merge and harmonize America, Canada, and Mexico were further detailed in a 44 page document from 2007 called the "North American Plan for Avian & Pandemic Influenza," which has now been scrubbed from most places on the web.

    These plans were crafted by the behind the scenes architects of the illegal immigrant invasion of America known as the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) which appears to give marching orders to Bush, McCain, Romney, the Clintons, and Obama!

    Anyone who takes the time to read these documents, which have now vanished from the State Department website and the now defunct SPP.gov site can see the plan is for Mexico, America, and Canada to address any contagious diseases without allowing anything to slow down the economy, airports, ports, or cross border traffic! The lives of American citizens are considered expendable or secondary to the profits of corporations and the plan to merge the populations and economies of North America.

    The document reads amazingly like the statements issued just today by the World Health Organization (WHO) when they said that citizen fears of Ebola were a threat to world economies and that those fears and economic impacts were of greater concern right now. What they won't say is that these economic concerns taking precedence could result in millions of people killed by the contagion brought on by people like Obama and his administrators who won't stop an unemployed Liberian tourist Ebola Eric from flying in to Dallas!

    This plan calls for a "North American approach" to any actions, meaning Obama needs Canada and Mexico on board before taking any steps that would affect flights and travel. It also makes the goal clear on page 2 in the summary that...

    Agree that the imposition and removal of veterinary or public health measures on the movement
    of people, animals and goods, under our national laws and international obligations, will not be
    more restrictive or maintained for a longer period than necessary to achieve the veterinary or public
    health objective, so as to avoid unnecessary interference with the movement of people and goods
    within North America; Ensure that the business continuity plans of our respective governments consider the highly interconnected nature of our economies
    Illegal immigration, Obama decrees, and immigration reform must be stopped to stop Ebola!

    You can't stop Ebola Unless you stop illegal immigration and you can't stop illegal immigration unless you stop Obama's promises to decree amnesty for illegals and stop most Democrats and a few Republicans from supporting and talking up immigration reform amnesty!

    Even if we had CDC teams in place at all major human ports of entry to America, you could never stop pandemic Ebola from establishing significant clusters in America unless you stop illegal immigration and the thousands of illegal aliens who are crossing into our nation under cover of darkness each night.

    These illegals are bypassing the medical, terrorism, and criminal background checks required of legal immigrants, and many of them are crossing illegally specifically to avoid such checks!

    Obama and his administration know this. They know there is no point in stopping people at airports because Ebola is just going to walk across our borders which have been forced open by treachery and treason in Washington, DC!

    Even if you were to deploy troops to our borders and give them the power and mandate they needed to truly protect our states from invasion as Article IV of the US Constitution requires, you still cannot stop illegal immigration unless you turn off all of the incentives for illegals to enter.

    Many illegals are drawn here for the jobs that are illegal for them to work, for welfare, food stamps, housing assistance, free eduction, free healthcare etc., but the biggest incentive for illegal aliens to enter America is the presidential pledge of "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" which is code for Amnesty!

    We know this because each time George Bush and now Barack Obama have talked up immigration reform, Border Patrol reports a new surge on our borders in response. Also, we have many illegal immigrant crossers on video telling members of the media that they are coming to America because Obama is going to take care of them and give them citizenship!

    Four Star General Warns Of Ebola Infected Illegal Alien Surge

    Illegal immigration is also a possible cause for the rapid spread of the new strain of Enterovirus D68 (EV-D68 ) that is sickening and killing many American children. May authors are documenting parallels between the migration of EV 68 and the locations in America the Obama administration has smuggled illegal alien minors into despite fierce local opposition to such moves. EV 68 has now been dubbed the "Open Border Flu".

    While left wing George Soros groups have attacked me personally for warning of risks of tuberculosis from illegal immigrants, the news reports are now filled with stories of unaccompanied minor illegals entering America with tuberculosis and causing local outbreaks of this once vanquished disease!

    Everyone in America should be standing at attention to hear the dire warnings just issued by U.S. Southern Command (USSOUTHCOM) commander and 4 Star General John Francis Kelly who says that pandemic Ebola will get into many third world nations including Central and South America. General Kelly is warning us all that the resulting rush of Ebola infected illegal immigrants across our borders seeking first world medical facilities could create something similar to a zombie apocalypse for America. This is not a wild theory, this is a warning from an acting military commander in charge of protecting America.

    Washington, DC, To Blame for Disaster

    Thus, Ebola cannot be stopped from getting into America with possible devastating consequences unless Americans find a way to restore constitutional governance in our nation and put a stop to illegal immigration and the grand incentive to illegally immigrate to American, which is immigration reform amnesty for illegals touted by Obama, ninety percent of Democrats, and top TV personality Republicans like John McCain, Marco Rubio, Mitt Romney, Karl Rove, Jeb Bush and the rest of the Bush dynasty, Eric Cantor, John Boehner, Jeff Denham, Bob Goodlatte, etc. (click here for full list)

    Each person who dies in America from Ebola right now is most likely to die due to Obama's failure to honor his oath of office and the Constitution.

    Each person who dies from Ebola in America in the future will most likely die because Obama is refusing to abandon his plans to decree or pass immigration reform amnesty for illegals which would be necessary to stop illegal immigrants and the terrorists, the gang members, and the tuberculosis and Ebola carriers among them.

    Thousands of Americans have been losing their lives each year from violence and disease because of our government's complete and willing failure to protect our citizens from an illegal alien invasion designed to overthrow our Republic by forcibly demographically altering the nation to be more favorable to Global socialists that have taken control of Washington, DC, and many of our major corporations.

    If the current Ebola pandemic spreads to American streets and Americans start dying in larger numbers, remember that Obama and his Democrat and Republican Party allies in Washington, DC, and the plan to flood America with as many legal and illegal immigrants from third world nations as possible was the reason that more was not done to protect our men, women, and children in our American homeland!

    This article has been distributed via national press release on October 14, 2014.
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