• Pacific Partnership Will Further Damage America's Borders, Constitution, and Citizens

    Pacific Partnership Will Further Damage America's Borders, Constitution, and Citizens

    April 7, 2015

    by William Gheen
    President of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC

    The Obama administration is fighting hard to keep the details of a new trade deal called the Trans-Pacific Partnership secret from the press and public, and the big secret is that the deal will harm our borders, Constitution, and citizens more than NAFTA and CAFTA have while flooding our nation with even more people from abroad who do not share America's principles and national identity.

    That is why today we are announcing our national organization ALIPAC's official opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and our loudest dismay that Congress is even considering giving the Obama administration "fast-track" authority (Trade Promotion Authority, or TPA) to negotiate this trade deal considering the fact that Obama has already taken the United States beyond Constitutional governance by our existing Congress and immigration laws! TPP will increase illegal immigration, the damage caused by illegal immigrants, and hyper legal immigration that is displacing and replacing Americans in our jobs, colleges, elections, and homes.

    Wrong Debate

    While we applaud the efforts of Senator Jeff Sessions and others to point out that immigration language could be added to the Pacific Partnership agreement that would alter US immigration laws, we feel that such a discussion misses the mark since our nation's current immigration laws appear to mean nothing to the Obama administration.

    Senator Sessions said TPA “could facilitate immigration increases above current law” while leaving Congress “powerless to stop it.” But this claim actually describes what Obama is already doing without TPA. A better way to phrase this would be to point out that Obama will most certainly further his agenda to flood America with as many socialist minded foreigners as possible to assure that people like Jeff Sessions and other conservative Republicans could never be elected even as a dog catcher in the US once all these imported voters flood elections in 2016 and forward!

    I believe conservative talk radio show host Mark Levin is more accurate with his opposition and criticism of TPP. Last week, Levin came out strong against the Pacific Partnership and asked his large listening audience to visit the website www.ObamaTrade.com. Levin exclaimed, "Obama's fast track bill is not a free trade, it's cronyism for the far left! A secretive backdoor push for climate change and open borders that would damage our economy and usurp the rule of law!"

    GOP Amnesty Traitor Based Plan To Pass TPP

    Of particular note is the fact that the highly deceptive GOP Amnesty supporters who are secretly backing and facilitating both Obama's "Executive Action" amnesty decrees are up in arms supporting the Pacific Partnership Deal. When you see GOP amnesty supporters like Congressmen Bob Goodlatte and Paul Ryan teaming up with Senate Amnesty supporter Orrin Hatch to defend this trade deal and give Obama more power, then you know it will be destructive for America.

    The fact that Bob Goodlatte, Paul Ryan, and Orrin Hatch are so supportive of this effort to give Obama more power means that illegal aliens and their backers love the idea too because that is the power group to which these dirt bags belong. Everyone should review the pro amnesty positions of Bob Goodlatte, Paul Ryan, Orrin Hatch, and Mitch McConnell closely to understand the motivation of these men to support more power for Obama on immigration and trade issues.

    If you have any doubts about illegal alien amnesty supporting Republicans backing Obama on TPP Fastrack, check out what Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell just said to Breitbart News on April 6. “It’s been almost an out of body experience but we’ve been working closely with the White House,” McConnell said. “We’re working together to try to get it across the finish line. At the risk of having some of you literally faint, I want to compliment the president for the way he’s handling the trade issue!”

    Pacific Partnership to Take NAFTA/CAFTA Destruction To New Level

    And after all, just look at what NAFTA and the expansion of that trade deal called CAFTA has done for America. They sure did not tell us about the Mexican trucks rolling into America without inspection carrying their illicit cargoes of drugs and illegals when they passed NAFTA, did they?

    These destructive trade agreements allowed more rule by globalist bureaucrats and more executive overreach by Bush and Obama that has flooded America with more than 10 million illegal aliens by creating economic pressures in illegal alien contributor nations like Mexico while altering the actual application of our existing border and immigration laws here in America.

    If NAFTA and CAFTA have contributed to our historic unemployment levels, historic home foreclosures, unprecedented numbers of Americans on food stamps, runaway debt and deficits, and costly and deadly illegal alien invasion, just imagine what kind of hardship and immigration related problems the Pacific Partnership would create!

    Dirty Big Secrets

    The ridiculous amount of secrecy surrounding the Pacific Partnership deal should also tip everyone on the left and the right off about what a stinker this plot is. On April 4, 2015, Drudge Report carried the headline from Politico pointing out that the only people allowed to actually view any of the source documents on the Pacific Partnership were members of Congress who "go to classified briefings and leave your staff and cellphone at the door. If you’re a member who wants to read the text, you’ve got to go to a room in the basement of the Capitol Visitor Center and be handed it one section at a time, watched over as you read, and forced to hand over any notes you make before leaving."

    America's existing immigration and border laws created by our Congress and elections have already been nullified or destroyed by Obama's dictatorship, and now we have sickening traitors like Paul Ryan, Orrin Hatch, and Bob Goodlatte fighting to give Obama more power to take actions without Congressional review or oversight. Their actions are clearly designed to further Obama's power in the interest of the power groups that are using illegal immigration and hyper legal immigration levels to overthrow the American republic.

    Lawmakers who support the Pacific Partnership support secrecy and unconstitutional power transfers away from Congress and away from the American public, and the fact they would have to sit in a basement room reading documents with some other power over their shoulders telling them they can't talk to the US public about this... well, this is not how America is supposed to operate. This is how dictators, oligarchs, and totalitarians act and our system is supposed to protect us from such abuses of power.

    Puppet Master China

    I recently revealed to the nation that many of us now believe that illegal immigration is being used as a kind of weapon against the people of the United States and that this new form of weaponry is so sophisticated, elite, and reliant upon political traitors that Americans cannot see, hear, feel, understand, nor defend against this weapon.

    China owns our debt and by default many of our homes and vehicles and college educations. They own many of our corporations and our politicians that depend on the financial anesthesia coming into America via money being returned to the Federal government from Billionaire socialists, China, and the Saudis. The US economy is literally being propped up by government employment, benefits, and expenditures, and that government role is the anesthesia that keeps America asleep while all our major organs are harvested.

    If it ever comes to open global war with China and her allies, that will be the moment we discover every defense system around us has been compromised, that our enemies walk freely among us and our homes and families, and that all of the major manufacturing facilities needed to make tanks, guns, ammunition, planes, ships, etc., will have either been moved offshore or are under foreign control.

    For many years the emergency water stations our government places on the southern border areas to assist illegal aliens with their crossings have directions in English, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese. Now, we have a new report that illegals from China combined with Chinese birth tourism are our now our largest immigration related problems.

    The Obama administration has probably already fired or ostracized those in our military who might point out the simple fact that China has enough people to take down the US with legal and illegal immigrants without ever firing a shot. And if they do need to fire a shot, they now have the ability to nuke every city in America thanks to all the military technologies the Clinton administration let them walk out of our laboratories like Los Alamos back in the 90s.

    When you follow the trail of many of America's problems, the hidden strings lead back to China and her nationalists that would love to see every American enslaved or dead.

    And why is China in this report about the Trans-Pacific Partnership? Well, from my studies into these matters NAFTA and CAFTA were the first steps designed to bring America and Americans under a more continental economic block and control system similar to the trade blocks we see in Europe (EU), Africa, South America, and around China.

    If American politicians give Obama fast track authority, the negative impacts of NAFTA and CAFTA will accelerate and the amount of wealth leaving America for other nations will increase while the number of people flowing into America from other nations will increase as well.

    Then, China will step in and take visible leadership of the whole operations as they have planned to do for decades! Won't living under global socialism run by the totalitarian Chicoms, who currently enslave 1 out of 4 people on the Earth, be grand for free spirited Americans? It will be horrible and it is most likely millions of us, especially gun owners loyal to the Bill of Rights and Constitution, will be killed before all is said and done.

    The Trans-Pacific Partnership is the continuation of and acceleration of globalist plans that have been ripping the United States to shreds for the last several decades. The goal is to elevate China to the new global leader and relegate America and Americans to the permanent backseat of history.

    ALIPAC Joins NumbersUSA, Eagle Forum, and Newsmax Opposing TPP

    Over the last week several well renowned groups have come out against TPP.

    While both the Newsmax owner and their frequent guest Dick Morris both support a form of amnesty for illegal migrants, they have released videos and materials claiming that if the Pacific Partnership is passed, illegal aliens will become citizens under the auspices of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Dick Morris points out in a video interview with retired Congressman JD Hayworth that in the TPP, "There is a provision for free flow of workers just like in the European Union. What that means is unrestricted immigration! It means literally the Congress would not have the authority to restrict immigration because a treaty supersedes the statute under our Constitution."

    Eagle Forum has put out an email alert warning that TPP would give Obama more power, increase trade deficits, damage US sovereignty, expose us to more currency manipulation, and on immigration the forum says, "Immigration rules can be changed without congressional approval during the implementation of TPA. Language such as 'reducing or eliminating barriers to international trade in services' can be interpreted to cover immigration or visas for foreign workers. Previous trade deals have been used by the executive branch to unilaterally increase certain visas. Other countries could potentially call for international adjudication if Congress tries to reform the guest worker program."

    And our wonderful allies at NumbersUSA are also sounding the alarm on the Pacific Partnership. NumbersUSA warns that this secret deal reportedly contains "guest worker" language that Congress could not change. All of us who fought and won the battle against George Bush's "guest worker" amnesty legislation in 2006 and 2007 shudder to think of what those provisions would mean for US workers. It certainly explains why they are being so secretive and deceptive about TPP.

    Shut Down TPP and Fast Track

    ALIPAC is calling on our extensive national network of illegal immigration and amnesty fighters to immediately take the following steps to fight against the Trans-Pacific Partnership and Republican led efforts to give Obama more power on behalf of the big corporations, banks, and billionaires they serve against the interests of the American public.

    Step 1: Please take the time to familiarize yourself with these article and issues, and work using word of mouth, email forwards, phone calls, and social media to warn as many other Americans as possible. Here at ALIPAC.us we have easy to use share features above each article and alert on our website.

    Step 2: Pick up your phone and call your members of Congress and the US Senate. Then follow up with a written notice that you want your Representatives to "oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership and oppose giving Obama fast track authority." You can point out that you do not approve of the secrecy, loss of Congressional authority and oversight, immigration dangers, deficit dangers, etc. Call your own Representatives, then call these Republicans backing the deal and let them know you are aware of their plot and you plan to come after the TPP supporters in the 2016 elections.

    You can bet that on the Republican side of the aisle we will find that most of the lawmakers supporting a form of immigration reform amnesty for illegals and covering for Obama's immigration power grab will be backing the TPP!

    Let's mobilize America and together we can influence more groups and leaders to come out against the TPP and more lawmakers to back away from this horrible betrayal of American citizens called the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
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