• Stop Harry Reid From Changing Senate Rules To Pass Amnesty for Illegals

    Friends of ALIPAC,

    We hope that you are rested and recharged after the Thanksgiving break.

    We have a window of about three weeks where our activism can have an impact in our efforts to stop both legislative Amnesty and Obama's dictatorial Amnesty for illegal aliens.

    We need a strong response from you. We need to move as a group of many thousands with the same voice, at the same time, for maximum impact. We need a massive wave of calls to the US Senate right away to stop Harry Reid's and John McCain's rules changes and Amnesty plans!

    The first threat we need to address is the traitorous US Senator Harry Reid who plans to change the Senate rules. He owes his entire political existence in the Senate to the illegal aliens who committed numbers of felonies by voting for him in Las Vegas.

    The filibuster and cloture rules in the US Senate are time honored traditions put in place to make sure that no legislation that is potentially damaging to America or highly unpopular with the American public can pass even if one particular party has a majority in the Senate.

    Senator Reid wants to remove this safeguard with what is politically called, "The Nuclear Option." Changing the rules of the US Senate to remove a filibuster would drop the threshold on votes to "proceed" with bills or to invoke "cloture."

    In 2006, 2007, and 2010, ALIPAC helped defeat Amnesty for illegal immigrants in the US Senate because the filibuster rules said the Amnesty supporters needed 60 votes out of 100 in the Senate to pass the Amnesty legislation opposed by over 66% of Americans instead of just 51 votes.

    Here are more details in this article...
    Power Grab: Senator Harry Reid Goes for "Nuclear Option" to pass unpopular legislation like Amnesty

    As you can see in this article, that old traitor Senator John McCain is back in action pushing for Amnesty for illegal aliens even though he campaigned in the GOP Primary of 2010 claiming he had dropped his support for Amnesty. Looks like the Arizona Republicans who were gullible enough to reelect McCain just got screwed. So,
    if we don't act, Harry Reid is going to have sellout senators like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and a few others to join with him to alter the rules and rifle through lots of unpopular legislation that will greatly harm America.

    McCain to GOP: Embrace ‘bigger tent' and pass immigration reform amnesty for illegal aliens!

    Please read the articles above and swing into action with ALIPAC today.

    Step 1:
    Contact both US Senators for your state regardless of the probability they will respond favorably.
    Send in your own distinct version of this sample message by phone and follow that call with a written version sent by email, fax, letter, or all three.

    Remember that calls followed by personalized and distinctive messages from you will have the greatest impact and that emails alone or template messages will have the least impact.

    When you have contacted both of your senators by phone and in writing, then proceed to contact as many other US Senate offices as possible.

    Sample Message

    "I'm calling/writing today to ask Senator _______ to oppose Senator Harry Reid's despicable plans to alter the US Senate rules to remove the minority party's ability to filibuster. The filibuster, cloture vote threshold, and motion to proceed rules should not be touched! These rules are in place so that highly contentious, unpopular, or nationally destructive laws cannot be passed even if one party has a narrow majority in the Senate. I am aware that Reid wants the rules changed so he can pass Amnesty for illegal aliens who have been committing election fraud in Nevada to support his candidacy. Please stand up to Harry Reid and any member of the US Senate who would try to grab more power and abuse the time honored rules designed to stop bad legislation from passing."

    ALIPAC's Contact List for the US Senate

    Step 2:
    Contact US Senator Mitch McConnell (202) 224-2541 Louisville, KY 40202
    Contact Form - Contact - U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell

    to say

    "I am calling/writing to ask Senator McConnell to speak out against and fully oppose Senator Harry Reid's attempt to change the Senate's filibuster rules so he can pass Amnesty for illegal aliens along with other unpopular legislation Americans don't want!"

    Step 3:
    Waste some more breath on John McCain to let him know you disapprove of both Amnesty and his lies to Arizona voters.

    Contact Senator John McCain (202) 224-2235 Prescott, AZ 86301

    "I am calling to express my disgust with both Senator McCain's support for immigration reform Amnesty for illegal aliens and his lies to Arizona voters (be prepared for his staff to lie and argue he does not support Amnesty)! John McCain lied to Arizona voters in 2010 claiming he would not support Amnesty anymore but now rushes to help Democrats like Harry Reid pass Amnesty as soon as the Democrats pick up a few more seats in the Senate. John McCain is an illegal alien Amnesty supporter and a liar who has worked to deceive Arizona voters and the entire American public."

    Step 4:
    Put pressure on Harry Reid's office (202) 224-3542 Carson City, NV 89701
    Contact Senator Reid

    "I am calling/writing to complain that I do not approve of Senator Reid's attempt to alter the time honored filibuster rules of the US Senate so that he can have more power and pass unpopular legislation. If Reid can't get 60% support for a bill then it need not pass. I find it unscrupulous and underhanded that Harry Reid would seek to change the long standing rules of the Senate to pursue his agenda instead of appealing to the public and other senators on the merits of his bills. I know that Harry Reid wants to change the Senate rules to pass Amnesty for illegal aliens along with many other bills that are opposed by most Americans, and he needs to stop."

    Let's get those phone lines in Washington hot today with special pressure on John McCain, Harry Reid, and Mitch McConnell!

    By turning a bright light on with thousands of calls to senate offices, you could derail their Amnesty plans. Let them know you are informed and that you stand ready to fight their rule change and Amnesty plans!

    Let's roll!

    William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team
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