• Thanksgiving Strategic Update On the Illegal Alien Amnesty Threat

    First, we want to thank each of you who helped make our DC lobbying trip Against Amnesty 2013 a success. We were able to have an impact with lawmakers, learn more about what is happening with the amnesty assault in DC, and increase citizen participation in our fight against illegal immigration with the trip.

    While volunteers met with members of Congress, many of you were hard at work at home calling targeted offices.

    Earlier in 2013, many activists told us that we would not be able to stop or delay the immigration reform amnesty for illegal immigrants juggernaut, but here we are just 8 short Congressional work days from accomplishing our goal.

    In fact, ALIPAC activists like you have just played a key role in pushing back illegal alien amnesty supporters Darrell Issa and Chris Christie!

    Your calls, emails, faxes, letters, and attendance at protests combined with ALIPAC's online strategies put a stop to Congressman Darrell Issa's surprising and disappointing plan to file and promote a massive amnesty bill a few weeks back!

    This week, just 10 hours after you began responding to ALIPAC's requests to pressure New Jersey Governor Chris Christie not to sign S2479 he backed away from the bill on his radio show! Senate Bill 2479 would provide taxpayer subsidized in-state tuition for illegal aliens which most Americans oppose. When Americans are apathetic, these bills pass. When the sleeping giant wakes and you take action, lawmakers like Christie and Issa run for cover!

    Of course our goal is to fight for Americans to have every hour, every minute of time we can buy them to wake up, understand the true nature of this corporate sponsored illegal alien invasion of our American homeland, and join us in taking action.

    While some news sources are already pronouncing immigration reform amnesty dead for 2013, ALIPAC is urging all of you to remain cautious and to be ready to spring into action if you hear from us regarding amnesty legislation in Washington.

    When we visited DC on your behalf, we found our nation's capital swarming with Latino activists pushing amnesty. Their activists were in the Congressional office buildings, on the National Mall, and all over the most centrally located hotels in Washington. Illegal aliens and their elite financial supporters plan on keeping their new army of activists energized and engaged!

    Obama, Biden, Gutierrez, and many others are all assuring their political troops that amnesty will pass, and even Nancy Pelosi has signaled she will support GOP Speaker John Boehner's plan to pass amnesty in smaller pieces instead of all at once! As if amnesty by any other name would smell less rotten?

    So DC is swarming with sponsored illegal aliens, Obama, Pelosi, and Boehner are all working together, and the online advertising campaigns paid for by tycoons like George Soros and Mark Zuckerberg are all still in full swing!

    The name of the game now is all about the GOP primary and mid term elections of 2014!

    There are 14 GOP members of the US Senate who voted for and passed an Obama backed nation-destroying illegal alien amnesty bill and we need strong GOP primary challengers for each of them.

    Currently, there are 34 GOP members of Congress who have emerged for amnesty. If most of them are still standing after the GOP primaries of 2014, amnesty for illegal aliens and all of the resulting death destruction and expenses associated with that amnesty and the resulting waves of unending illegal immigration will pass into law!

    If we can take many of those targeted traitors out of office, we can restore Constitutional governance in America and get illegal immigration reversing in America again just like it was, according to numerous official sources, up until 2 years ago. Two years back, Obama stopped the reversal in illegal immigration that ALIPAC fought for years to achieve, by decreeing a form of Dream Act Amnesty.

    By decreeing legislation to create amnesty that does not actually exist in law, and by buying Fast and Furious assault rifles for illegal alien cartels, Obama violated his oath of office and the US Constitution to such a degree that he set in motion political pushback that has grown into a large and powerful movement to have him impeached and put on trial for high crimes.

    Please have a very happy Thanksgiving of 2013 with your friends and family and while you give thanks, please pray for our honorable cause and try to connect with the spirit of those who first came to this continent to face extreme hardship in their quest for freedom.

    We have a very important strategic window now that we did not have before. It is an opportunity that has been earned at great expense of donations and hard work from American volunteers like you.

    The elites behind this controlled demolition of America and the illegal alien invasion have exposed most of their resources to us now on the political battlefield. They have exposed their assets while failing to achieve their amnesty legislative goals!

    This gives us a chance, if we can mobilize enough of you behind our efforts, to remove many of their key people from public office in a way that can defeat Amnesty for years and swing the pendulum back towards the enforcement of America's existing border and immigration laws which these invasion supporters seek to permanently destroy!

    This may very well be America's last chance to wake from slumber and to take these traitors to task in a way that would make our American ancestors proud.

    We are thankful for all of you who are on this list, reading and responding, and keeping up the good fight against amnesty and against illegal immigration in America!

    Happy Thanksgiving 2013, ALIPACers!

    William Gheen
    and The ALIPAC Team

    PS: We plan to keep building up our email alerts list and Petition Against Amnesty for our next lobbying effort in DC in 2014. Thanksgiving is a great time to speak with friends and family about joining our efforts by signing up at www.AgainstAmnesty.com
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