• Warning: ALIPAC Goes Into Emergency Mode -- 10 days left to deadline

    ALIPAC illegal immigration fighters,

    Today we are going into emergency mode because, with only 10 days remaining until our June 8 deadline, we have only raised $12,000 of the $30,000 we must have to continue our fight against illegal immigration and against amnesty!

    We have three fund drives each year and 30k is our minimum operations budget. Current funding levels would only allow us to continue until July 1!

    While the illegal alien invasion supporting groups have hundreds of millions of dollars from billionaires and our own government, we rely on you to exist and fight!

    If you want ALIPAC to continue the fight into the Fall 2014, elections we must hear from you right away at our secure donations link. All of our activism and elections efforts must be suspended at this time as we fight to reach the funding level we must reach to remain in the fight as a national organization!

    Please donate by mail, credit card, debit Card, or PayPal as you prefer at...

    Thank you for your support for our fight against the deadly and costly illegal alien invasion of America.

    William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team

    PS: With only 10 days remaining, please get your donation on the way to us right away to reach us in time via...
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