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  • ALIPAC Issues Statement On Eric Cantor's Defeat For Supporting Amnesty

    ALIPAC Issues Statement On Eric Cantor's Defeat For Supporting Amnesty

    June 10, 2014 8:30pm

    Contact: Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) | (866) 703-0864

    Raleigh, NC -- Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is Congratulating all Americans who played a role in making history today by defeating favored incumbent Eric Cantor in today's GOP primary due to Cantor's support for immigration reform amnesty for illegal immigrants.

    "Let this be a lesson to the the rest of Congress, especially Republicans who are considering supporting immigration reform amnesty that would devastate and destroy America's borders, immigration laws, and conservative voter base as well!" said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. "Today we have proven that the grassroots can prevail against a Republican amnesty supporter even when outspent by more than 10 to 1! Our congratulations go out to our endorsed candidate Dave Brat!"

    ALIPAC launched a wave of automated calls, social media ads, and radio spots against Eric Cantor and Lindsey Graham this past week to warn GOP voters about the incumbent stances in favor of amnesty for illegals. (click here for ad)

    This issue was debated in the elections with a backdrop of Obama throwing American borders wide open and flooding the nation with tens of thousands of illegal immigrant youths being drawn into our nation by Obama and media.

    ALIPAC is still awaiting results in South Carolina where the hope is to keep Senator Lindsey Graham under 50% of the vote to force him into a runoff with SC State Senator Lee Bright. A runoff in South Carolina would allow Tea Party, Conservative, and anti-amnesty groups to refocus on Graham with the same intensity that was just used to take Cantor out of office!

    For more information, lists of more candidates opposing amnesty like Cantor's victorious opponent David Brat, illegal immigration, or to schedule interviews please visit

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