ALIPAC's Privacy and Confidentiality Policy

"We are absolutely committed to protecting the privacy of our supporters." -- William Gheen, President of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC

You can fight illegal immigration while maintaining your privacy.  Please review our platform to learn how illegal immigration can be reversed in America.

ALIPAC makes every effort to ensure that our supporters' personal information remains private and confidential. Contributing to ALIPAC is about the same as contributing to a Congressional campaign. The Federal Elections Commission (FEC) requires that we do not accept anonymous donations, donations from corporations, children under 18 years of age, or foreign nationals. We are required to keep records of the names, addresses, amounts of contribution, phone numbers, and occupations of donors. We also like to have your e-mail address in our records so our Treasurer, Jane Patterson, can contact you if needed.

All information ALIPAC receives or collects from a visitor or member will be treated as highly confidential. The only exception is that contributors who give more than $200 per year are included in our required reports to the FEC. Contributors of lesser amounts are listed without names or addresses in the "aggregate" contributions section of our reports.

All political action committees such as ALIPAC and candidates for Congress and US Senate are required to file FEC (Federal Election Commission) reports.

Some of ALIPAC's members work in sensitive fields such as law enforcement, health care, education, media, and government agencies. They would prefer that their political views, affiliations and activities remain private. Others live in areas where people opposed to the goals of ALIPAC are a powerful community force. We understand, and it is vital to the success of ALIPAC that you feel comfortable participating and financially supporting our efforts.

1. ALIPAC's website does not use "spyware" or invasive technologies. We are only interested in the information you chose to provide.
2. Our e-mail updates list is stored in a secure list server that is heavily password protected. Your e-mail address will never be sold or shared with another group or organization. This list is made up of members and non-members that wish to receive our updates. No other information is stored in this file except for your e-mail address, and the e-mails we send do not show other e-mail addresses.
3. Our website and e-mail list software are constantly monitored and updated with the latest security updates. A donor may contribute via credit card, through Paypal, or through the mail. ALIPAC's Treasurer and President are the only ones with access to our PO Box.
4. We do not store member information online or in any electronically vulnerable area. Membership and contributor information is only available to the President and Treasurer of ALIPAC. These hard copy records are stored in secure areas. Each ALIPAC staff member is committed to honoring our privacy policies.
5. ALIPAC staff members will never print, disclose, or mention a member's name or relevant details without express consent from the member. WE DO NOT SHARE OUR LISTS. YOUR INFO STAYS WITH US. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE SPAM OR UNWANTED MAIL BY SUPPORTING ALIPAC.

As of 2009, ALIPAC has over 25,000 supporters representing every state, race, political party, and almost every career and walk of life in America.  Together, we are unified in the struggle to reverse illegal immigration as Americans under one banner.  You can count on us to do all we can to make your support for ALIPAC private and confidential.