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  • Amnesty Red Alert: GOP Sellouts in Washington To Help Obama Pass Amnesty

    Friends of ALIPAC,

    As you can see in this article here, the offices of GOP Sellouts Speaker John Boehner and his right hand man Eric Cantor are announcing that they plan to help Obama pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty for illegal aliens that would allow over 11 million to stay! This is no surprise to me because Boehner told me personally he wanted to make the illegals legal at an event we spoke at several years ago.

    Many of you who do not favor Barack Obama will be particularly shocked that 48 hours after an election where 71% of Hispanic voters, due to the illegal immigrants voting among them, cast ballots for Democrats that the lead Republican in Congress would offer to help Obama pass amnesty.

    GOP Leaders To Join Obama's Push for Amnesty & Hannity Flips on Immigration

    Time is of the essence and you need ALIPAC to start fighting this amnesty attempt now.

    Unfortunately, our funds are critical and our funds drive deadline is in only 6 days!

    We currently only have $15,755 of the $30,000 we need to raise by November 15. At our current funds level, ALIPAC will have to permanently cease all operations on Dec 1.

    Please help us raise the funds we need to return our full focus to fighting illegal immigration and amnesty and to be funded into 2013!

    Donate now online by credit card or mail at our secure online donations page...

    Check donations will need to be mailed soon to reach us before the hard deadline. We are at...

    PO Box 30966
    Raleigh, NC 27622

    William Gheen
    (919) 787-6009
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    1. American Pie's Avatar
      American Pie -
      It is insane to even think about amnesty for all those illegal people! Especially when our own who need employment and want to be employed can`t find work ! Who are in dire need of work? That`s easy,OUR AMERICAN U.S. PEOPLE. For GOD`s SAKE,WAKE UP!!!!