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  • BANKING ON THE 'LATINO VOTE' TO BEAT MITT ROMNEY - Biden: We're 'breaking our neck' on immigration reform

    ďIf the Latino vote comes out, the Hispanic vote comes out and changes the election, all of a sudden those guys who paid no attention to you, no attention to the Hispanic community, no attention to the Latino community."

    Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday said that he and President Obama have been breaking their necks trying to get immigration reform.

    "Right now, youíve got the president and I and a lot of Democrats out there breaking our neck trying to get a real immigration law that takes millions of people out of the shadows, making sure that 'Dreamers' donít have to go back in many cases to countries theyíve never been," he said in an interview with the Enrique Santos radio show.
    By DONOVAN SLACK | 10/30/12 11:27 AM EDT

    The vice president urged Latino listeners to vote for him and Obama so Republicans would be spurred to join them in passing an immigration law. He said if they turned out in large numbers and pushed Obama and Biden to victory, it would send a message to the GOP.

    ďIf the Latino vote comes out, the Hispanic vote comes out and changes the election, all of a sudden those guys who paid no attention to you, no attention to the Hispanic community, no attention to the Latino community. All of a sudden theyre going to say, 'Oh my Lord I guess we better get in line with the president. I guess we better start moving in the direction of paying attention to this incredible, this incredible pool of talent we have out there. So this is a chance to gain influence thatís almost disproportionate to the impact that you may have directly in the election."

    The president said in a Univision forum in September that he takes responsibility for failing to pass immigration reform -- he prioritized health care and the economy in the first years of his term -- but he also blamed GOP members of Congress for blocking his agenda. ďIn our branch, in our system of government, I am the head of the executive branch.

    Iím not the head of the legislature, Iím not the head of the judiciary. We have to have cooperation from all these sources in order to get something done," Obama said at the forum. "So I am happy to take responsibility for the fact that we didnít get it done, but I did not make a promise that we would get everything done, 100 percent when I was elected as president.Ē
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    1. busseysmom2's Avatar
      busseysmom2 -
      This is horrific abuse of sovereignty and using citizens as pawns. It shows loudly and clearly that Obama and his administration care nothing for the future of this country and will do anything to keep the White House. Never mind the millions upon millions of uneducated, impoverished illegals who are pouring over our borders for a free piece of OUR hard-earned American pie. Never mind our kids who are stuffed into ESL classrooms learning at a reduced pace. Never mind the American citizen who dies on the way to an alternate ER because the closest one is at capacity with hispanic flu sufferers. Never mind the grid-locked freeways and stress on our environment, infrastructure, and energy grids. Too bad for the 22+ million Americans who still can't find work despite over 8 million illegals holding NON-AG jobs and decimating the construction, service, hospitality, and manufacturing industries. TO HELL WITH ALL AMERICANS-- let's get on with the vote. Once these guys are re-elected there's not a snowball's chance in hell that another sane president will ever hold office. They will have the majority vote forevermore... the majority of welfare recipients, the majority of high school dropouts, the majority of illegals (who can and DO vote), the majority of hispanics who vote by skin color instead of logic, the majority of bleeding-heart liberals who are too blind to see that they're screwing their own children out of a decent future.
    1. HAPPY2BME's Avatar
      HAPPY2BME -
      You spoke for all of us, busseysmom2 ..