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  • Johnson slams New Mexico's Martinez for being 'too tough' on illegal aliens

    Former New Mexico governor and Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson is slamming successor Susana Martinez for being too tough on illegal immigrants.

    Johnson slams New Mexico's Martinez on immigration

    Johnson said this week while campaigning in Las Vegas that Martinez, a Republican, should advocate for immigration reform.

    Posted: Apr 10

    Johnson also urged the federal government to offer more temporary employment visas allowing immigrants to legally enter the country.

    A spokesman for Martinez countered that while she wants to overturn a state law that allows illegal immigrants to have driver's licenses, she does support guess worker programs.

    Johnson was a longshot candidate for the Republican presidential nomination when he announced in December that he would instead pursue the Libertarian ticket.

    He served two terms as New Mexico's governor starting in 1994. Martinez became the nation's first Latina governor in 2010.
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