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  • Uh Oh, Illegals Got The Best of Us Yesterday :(

    Please watch this video, comment, share it with others, and call the number at the top to oppose the illegals!

    Friends of ALIPAC,

    We are not sure what went wrong but we asked all of you to take some very simple steps to fight back against Amnesty yesterday but unfortunately only 1,600 of the more than 40,000 on our e-mail lists, plus the more than 130,000 on our social media would take 5 minutes to act!

    The illegal alien supporters racked up over 82,000 views on their copy of this video and pommeled Congressman Scott DesJarlais (R-TN) with angry calls for taking the stance that you and most Americans want him to take!

    Thus, we are forgoing what we planned to do today to send you this request once more. Please respond to all ALIPAC activism requests. Taking less than 5 minutes to do this could have a big impact!

    Step 1: Visit this link and watch this video please. If you have a YouTube account then vote thumbs up and make a comment...

    Step 2: Call the number for Congressman Scott DesJarlais provided on the top of the video and thank him for standing up against Amnesty for illegal aliens. Tell him you plan to support him for his stance and his courageous actions in this video. DesJarlais has heard from angry illegal alien supporters, now he needs to hear from you!

    Step 3: Share this video by forwarding emails, making posts on blogs and forums, and on social media like Facebook and Twitter.

    Big thanks to the 1,600 of you who took the actions we requested yesterday seriously. Hopefully, the 95% of you who took no action will respond today!

    William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team
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    1. rwright's Avatar
      rwright -
      I called congressman DesJarlais and his staffer said he appreciated all the calls in support of the Congressman. He asked where I had heard about this and I told him ALIPAC. He told me that they appreciate the support from these groups.
    1. csarbww's Avatar
      csarbww -
      Those who call DesJarlais office should remind him that all of the supposed angry calls are coming from well financed and organized leftists who would never vote for a Republican. It is theater, smoke and mirrors. But still what the hell is wrong with those who are supposed to be on our side friends?

      Shame on all of you who remain silent. Silence is consent, and inaction is passive assistance.