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    MO - Cousin Of Pregnant Woman Struck By Illegal Immigrant Speaks Out

    Posted on: 10:03 pm, November 29, 2012, by Rebecca Roberts

    ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Two surgeries later, a pregnant woman is in stable condition after being hit by a car. It happened Wednesday afternoon in Pine Lawn.

    Police say the driver is likely an illegal immigrant who was impaired at the time of the accident.

    Twenty-two year-old Sharnay Hill wanted to share her story with FOX 2, but doctors felt her condition was still too fragile.

    Her cousin, Terrence Harvey, did share his thoughts about the incident. “She was supposed to have a ride home but she was catching the bus, and if she wouldn’t have been at that bus stop, it wouldn’t have ever happened,” he laments.

    According to Pine Lawn police, Hill was waiting at the bus stop on Jennings Station Road after a doctor’s appointment. Suddenly, 42 year-old Edy Ramirez drove toward her, and mowed her down with his Mitsubishi SUV, then smashed into an empty daycare center.

    “She told me that he had his blinker on, but he ran her right over,” says Harvey.

    At the time, Harvey had no idea what had happened. He was babysitting Hill’s four year-old son when the two began to wonder where she was.

    Harvey explains, “Her son kept on asking, I want to talk to my mom, but then when I called her, her mom answered the phone and she was in the hospital.”

    According to family, the wreck left Hill with a broken leg, hip and pelvis, all just inches from her womb. Hill is nearly four months pregnant.

    Doctors say the baby will be ok, and Harvey feels it’s a miracle. He says, “I just feel so bad—I just wish she would’ve stayed home that day.”

    According to police, the Guatemalan -born driver seemed impaired, and found an open container of alcohol in his vehicle. They say Ramirez was uncooperative and resisted arrest.

    Further investigations revealed Ramirez is in the U.S. illegally. Lead investigator Sgt. Steven Blakeney says, “Once our investigation is completed, immigration ICE will transport him to their facilities where they will start the deportation process.”

    Cousin Of Pregnant Woman Struck By Illegal Immigrant Speaks Out |
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    The video at the link shows how messed up the car is.

    This woman is going to have one whale of a hospital bill and I wonder who is going to pay it, the illegal?

    Another mess caused by someone that, by law, should not be here.
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    Man Charged After Allegedly Hitting Pregnant Woman With Car

    Posted on: 4:24 pm, November 29, 2012,


    PINE LAWN, MO (KTVI)– Pine Lawn Police said a Guatemala man who ran over a pregnant woman at a bus stop Wednesday is being charged and will be deported. The woman and her baby are expected to survive.
    It all unfolded Wednesday afternoon at a bus stop. Twenty-two year-old Sharnay Hill who is 3 months pregnant was mowed down by an S.U.V. The vehicle then slammed into a day care center that had recently closed.
    Sharnay Hill suffered a broken hip, leg and pelvis. She underwent a second surgery this afternoon.
    Police said the driver of the S.U.V. was 42 year old Edy Rene Ramirez Perez. He was admitted to a local hospital to determine if he has an underlying medical condition that caused the accident.
    Perez faces municipal charges but the charges could become more serious if police find that the suspect was driving while impaired. Sgt. Steven Blakeney with the Pine Lawn Police said, “When we entered the vehicle suspect’s vehicle our first observation was an open container of alcohol.”
    Although authorities are awaiting lab results officers strongly believe the suspect was impaired when the crash happened. And, they have questions about his passport.
    Pine Lawn Police Chief Rickey said, “From my 30 years of police experience he appeared to be under some type of influence either drugs or alcohol he was combative.” Blakeney added, “Mr. Edy Ramirez is unlawfully in the United States his passport is suspect…as of last hour there’s no indication that he has a medical condition.”
    Friends of the suspect said he sometime needs medicine for his nerves. Police said once the legal proceedings against the suspect are complete he will be deported.

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