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  • Illegal Aliens Win Big Over Americans Round 1 in Illinois

    Friends of ALIPAC,

    Those of us representing the American majority, the 77% of US citizens who oppose licenses for illegal aliens were defeated by the invaders in Illinois yesterday.

    Many thanks to those of you who worked so hard making the calls.

    Unfortunately, not enough Americans out of the over 80,000 in our communications network decided to respond to our request and the invasion supporters have just won round 1 in Illinois.

    All ALIPAC activists who stand with us against illegal immigration please be advised. If they pass this bill in the IL state house, IL will be the first state to pass legislation for licenses for illegal aliens. This will reverse our hard fought 8 year trend of shutting down licenses for illegals in all states except for Washington, New Mexico, and Utah!

    A full win for the illegals in Illinois will be used to pass licenses for illegals in more states, perhaps even your own. An historic win by illegals in Illinois will likely be used as a template in Washington DC to pass Amnesty for illegals and flood your neighborhood with so many 3rd world aliens you will be too busy boarding your windows or packing your bags to fight back anymore.

    GOP lawmakers in Illinois caved. The biased media and Associated Press are using two major lies to advance the invasion. They are making the false claim that most Americans support a path to citizenship for illegals to justify giving illegals licenses. We know from accurate polling data that at least 66% of Americans wisely oppose a path to citizenship for illegals and more than 77% oppose licenses for illegal aliens.

    Illegal alien supporters win major victory with licenses for illegals in Illinois!

    The other thing that is allowing the invasion to succeed is American apathy and those who failed to take just a few minutes to call the Illinois Senate yesterday despite the best efforts of those of us who were fighting contributed to the loss.

    We need all of you to pick up the nearest phone RIGHT NOW and click on this link to pull up the contact numbers for the IL State House...

    IL State House phone numbers and emails....
    Illinois General Assembly - House Members

    Make a commitment to call a minimum of 5 numbers at random. Call more if you can spare the time.

    Call and tell staff or leave voice messages modeled after our sample message....

    "I just heard the ridiculous news that the IL Senate is trying to give licenses to illegal aliens even though 77% of your constituents oppose such a measure. Please argue against and defeat this bill to give licenses to illegal aliens. Giving licenses to illegal aliens will help them to break other laws, take American jobs, take taxpayer resources all to remain in the US unlawfully. Don't let Illinois become the first state in America to grant licenses to illegal aliens when 46 other states have all acted to STOP illegals from getting licenses!"

    There are now over 80,000 of you on the ALIPAC Social Media accounts and email alerts at

    You have the power to stop the illegal alien advance in Illinois if we can persuade enough of you to spare an hour on calls.

    If you have questions, need help, or suggestions, please post to our activism tracking thread here....

    Let's fight back Americans! Get off your butts and move! Move! Move!!!

    William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team
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