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  • Merry Christmas from ALIPAC 2012

    We would like to thank all of you who have supported our struggle to secure America's borders by receiving our e-mail alerts and joining us on social media in 2012. Your support for our volunteer efforts has meant a lot to us.

    This past year has been full of very difficult challenges, but thanks to you, ALIPAC is still here to continue to fight for America's laws, Constitution, and continued existence as a sovereign nation.

    This Christmas we hope that you and your family have a blessed respite from the troubles that abound in our nation.

    Our homepage updates will resume on January 2 of 2013, barring any emergency situations that might arise.

    Our busy bee ALIPAC activists are encouraged to enjoy some rest and relaxation with friends and family although many will continue to post articles and information in the "Forums" section of during the holiday break.

    This Christmas, we would like to invite more of you to join our regular participants in the Forums area at

    Receiving our e-mail alerts and joining our pages on Facebook is important and we encourage you to join both to assure that we can reach you if one aspect of our communications is disabled by our ruthless opposition.

    Please check out the Forums on our website where comments you make are eventually read by many thousands of Americans. Sometimes, comments made on our forums are read by lawmakers and their staff or end up quoted in media reports.

    When lawmakers and media personalities are discussed at ALIPAC, our comments are usually eventually read by those we are discussing due to our strong national media and Internet profile.

    We could use some extra sets of hands that participate in our forums area each week.

    So if you are considering a gift for ALIPAC this Christmas, there are two things we need besides socks and shaving cream. We need more regular participants in our forums area and more links to posted on websites, blogs, other forums, and Facebook out on the web.

    Having more core volunteers active in our forums and more links directed at our main website will make us stronger for the imminent battle against Amnesty that will start in a few short days on Jan 2, 2013.

    Christmas is also a great time to tell other Americans who are concerned about illegal immigration like us how they can join our alerts at and add their time and energy to our struggle.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours from all of us here at ALIPAC. Please be ready to resume our efforts with great fervor right after the New Year begins!

    William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team

    William Gheen of ALIPAC (Americans for Legal Immigration PAC) | Facebook
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