• We need more help on three important components to fight illegal immigration

    Friends of ALIPAC,

    In 24 hours, stunning breaking news is going to prove a game changer in the fight against the latest Amnesty legislation. ALIPAC stands ready to move on your behalf. We need your immediate help in 3 ways to keep our momentum building without interruption.

    We need help in three important ways.

    1. We need more donations to get our funds drive on track so we can focus on activism for our volunteers instead of fund raising next week! Please make a donation to aid our operations against illegal immigration and Obama's new Amnesty push as soon as possible at this link...

    If you prefer to donate by personal check, we are ALIPAC, at PO Box 30966, Raleigh, NC 27622.

    2. We need more of you posting in our forums sections, making comments beneath articles, helping bring articles in, and responding to activism alerts. We are sending out a call to veteran ALIPAC online activists to rejoin us in our time of need. We are also inviting new activists to start participating in the forums. The more you comment beneath our articles, the more people find us and our messages at www.ALIPAC.us . Most of your comments will be read thousands of times within a year and sometimes end up being read by lawmakers, candidates, and members of the national media. If you can spare a few minutes each week to read and post in our forums, please sign up for an account and join us at...

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    3. We need more of you in a habit of checking our homepage and reading all of our most important news updates each day or so at www.ALIPAC.us . As you can see from the important information we have added today listed below, your understanding of and utilization of the latest news about the deadly and costly nation destroying illegal immigrant invasion of America is imperative. While hundreds of you visit each day, we need those numbers to climb into the thousands quickly. There is much more going on than we can alert you to via email. Please review today's article below and start to visit our homepage more often if you don't have the time for our forums.

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    Another Small American Child Slaughtered by one of Obama's illegal alien invaders

    Please help us continue to build momentum without risk of hindrance due to low funds. Please donate to our cause today via ALIPAC's secure donations page at...

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