• We Need More Support if We Are Going to Take Down these Amnesty Supporters

    Friends of ALIPAC,

    Many of you are always saying you really want to throw these Amnesty supporters out of office so now is your chance!

    ALIPAC is in a great position to play a deciding role in two important races. We can make the difference in Ilario Pantano's race against Agjobs Amnesty supporter David Rouzer in eastern North Carolina. We can also make the difference in Richard Mourdock's race against Dream Act Amnesty supporter Dick Lugar in Indiana.

    Both of these races are neck in neck and both could be decided by the illegal immigration issue IF WE CAN SUPPORT OUR CANDIDATES.

    We thank you all for funding ALIPAC's base operations through June 1, but if we are going to make contact with voters in these important states with our message to "Defeat the illegal alien Amnesty supporting candidates!" then we need more support.

    Please never assume that GOP voters will just know which candidates support illegal immigration on their own. Does everyone remember when John McCain won the GOP Presidential primary and polls conducted later found that 66% of those who voted for him did not accurately know of or approve of his pro Amnesty stances?

    Don't let the illegal immigration supporters win in these two critical races which will be decided in about a week! Do you want to be thanking the elected officials in these offices for standing up against illegal immigration or begging amnesty supporters?

    Donate to ALIPAC today by credit card, Paypal, phone, debit card, or mail!

    Yes, my support for ALIPAC's voter outreach plans is on the way now via...
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