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Thread: Stolen Lives Quilt: Honoring Lives Stolen By Illegal Immigrants

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    Stolen Lives Quilt: Honoring Lives Stolen By Illegal Immigrants


    While most were waving American Flags or ones with President Trump’s name on them, another group of people were holding banners of another kind – ones about stolen lives.

    A man and a woman each took the end of a piece of a banner and extended it so that the names and faces printed on it were visible.

    A young girl and an older woman unfurled a second banner. A third, fourth and fifth followed suit and a wall of these banners had suddenly been formed.

    Moving closer to the banners, more text on the banner became visible and there was a grim realization that these smiling faces were all deceased.

    Those holding the banners didn’t smile like the faces of the deceased being displayed. Some had teary eyes, others has a stony expression. One woman trembled from what she describes as a living with a, “mixture of sadness and constant suppression of rage."

    These banners are just a few in a project called the Stolen Lives Quilt.

    Stolen Lives Quilt – Remembrance Project
    Image via American Lens

    The Stolen Lives Quilt is an effort started by The Remembrance Project, which honors those whose lives were taken by illegal aliens.

    According to the Remembrance Project website, the Quilt has reached over than 16 states since it began in 2012. North Carolina is one of those states and each one of the smiling faces on the banner in front of me was that of someone killed in the state by an illegal alien.

    James Johnson of NC FIRE helped bring the Stolen Lives Project to North Carolina. NC Fire stands for North Carolinians For Immigration Reform and Enforcement. NC FIRE tracks illegal alien crimes and legislation related to illegal immigration in the state.

    “The remembrance project is made up of families who are victims of illegal alien criminals,” said Johnson. “These people, all these faces you see here on the flags have been killed by illegal aliens in North Carolina.”

    Motioning to the people holding the Stolen Lives Quilt banners, Johnson said, “These are their family members and they are showing their family member who has been killed by an illegal alien.”

    Johnson said that there have been over 200 since his group began tracking them in 2007. Johnson said no one seems to know about these people because their stories are not being told by the media.

    The Stolen Lives Quilts displayed at the March 5th March for Trump rally included the following people which span an age range of 18 months to 64 years of age:

    Edrick Smith (29)
    Killed by Drunk Illegal Alien driver in a Car crash on 8-16-09

    Jurgen Cheston (48 )
    Stabbed in his home by an Illegal Alien on 08-16-09

    Catherine Ann Webb Flores, 34
    Shot to death by her illegal alien husband who then shot himself on 7-4-09

    Natalie Chidlaw (18 )
    Hit and Run, Drunk Illegal Alien Driver on 6-15-13

    Justin Troy Holland (23)
    Hit and Run, Illegal Alien Driver on 2-28-13.

    Adam James Kempf (12)
    Killed by an Illegal Alien while attempting to board his school bus on 10-25-12.

    Teresa Ann Pierce Harrelson (49)
    Shot multiple times by Illegal Alien boyfriend on 01-01-11.

    Kimberly Hoyle (39)
    Vehicular homicide by an Illegal Alien with no drivers license on 1-21-12.

    Amber Reed (26)
    Killed in a car accident caused by an Illegal Alien on 10-24-10.

    Patsy Eason-Barefoot, 60
    Murdered by asphyxiation by an illegal alien on 8-25-09.

    Ronald “Ronnie” Dale Viehweger (40)
    Killed by an Illegal alien who hit him while riding his motorcycle on 5-24-09.

    Charles C. Clements, Jr. (27)
    Father of 3 and Army Specialist who was on a 15 day leave from his tour in Afghanistan was shot by a gunman who opened fire in a in a Spring Lake restaurant 3-29-09. The gunman would later be identified as an a Jamaican drug dealer who was in the country illegally.

    William D’Ari Perry, 18 mos.
    Killed via car crash caused by an illegal alien in Charlotte on 5-16-13.

    Tony J. Gabriel (26)
    Killed by illegal alien drunk driver on 3-16-13.

    Timothy J. Minor (64)
    Killed by illegal alien in car crash on 3-30-13.
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    What next...the "American Children's Lives Quilt" stolen by rape and gang rape from illegal aliens?

    Not enough fabric in the World for this quilt...the quilt of SHAME at the hands of our elected politicians who are sworn to protect American citizens...not refugees, asylum and illegal aliens that have infiltrated and invaded our soil.

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    It is a beautiful gesture in memory of the their loved ones, and thankfully, these dear people are standing up, speaking out, and demanding an end to illegal immigration. But you are so right, Beezer, there isn't enough fabric in the world to honor all the Americans harmed by illegal immigration. I don't know how the loved ones of the victims of illegal aliens deal with the rage, I don't know if I could. I admire them tremendously and my heart breaks for their loss, so needless, so inexplicable, such a betrayal of them and their deceased loved ones by our corrupt heartless government.
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