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    ID District 1, REPUBLICAN, Bill Sali for CONGRESS

    Bill Sali Illegal Immigration Stances Republican Candidate Campaign Congress US House

    Name of Candidate: Bill Sali

    Name of Campaign Committee: Sali for Congress

    Mailing Address: PO Box 71, Kuna, ID 83634

    Phone Contact Information: 208-947-5195

    Campaign E-mail and website: <>

    State and District: ID 1st CD

    Political Party: Rep.

    Is the candidate (Incumbent, Challenger, Open Seat): Open Seat

    Incumbents only: What is your career grade at
    <> ?

    Campaign Funds Raised as of most recent reporting cycle: little over

    This form completed by (Candidate and Campaign Managers Only): Jesseca Sali,
    Campaign Manager

    Candidate Background Information: 16 years Idaho House of Representatives

    Top Campaign Issues: Secure Borders, Illegal Immigration, Limited Govt.,
    Lower Taxes, Traditional Family Values, and a strong National Defense

    Education, Awards & Honors: B.B.A. Economics (BSU), Law Degree (U of I),
    please see website for a list of awards

    District Information

    Please give a brief description of your district: This district runs from
    the Canadian border down to Nevada. It is long and diverse. Concerns and
    issues range from agriculture, timber and mining, business and spending, to
    traditional family values.

    Percentage of Democrat, Republican, and Unaffiliated Voters: 48% Rep, 25%
    Dem, 27% other

    Survey Questions

    (Please describe your feelings on the following with a number 1-10 or with
    the response Undecided (1=Strongly Disagree, 2-4=Disagree, 5=Neutral, 6-9
    Agree, 10=Strongly Agree)

    I believe illegal immigration can be reversed if we enforce our existing
    laws? (1-10) 8

    As a member of Congress I will use the full force of my office to ensure the
    Executive Branch starts to enforce our existing immigration laws? (1-10) 10

    Illegal Immigrants should be deported when detected in the interior of the
    US? (1-10) 10

    Law abiding and legal American citizens should be required to accept
    biometric identification? (1-10) 1

    I believe that local and state police should assist with immigration
    enforcement? (1-10) 10

    Federal taxpayer funding to groups that support illegal immigration like La
    Raza should be stopped. (1-10) 10

    I support "Comprehensive immigration reform" that would allow illegal aliens
    currently in the US to stay without fear of deportation as guest or
    temporary workers? (1-10) 1

    Illegal aliens should be allowed to leave the US and return quickly on a
    fast track as guest or temporary workers? (1-10) 1

    Illegal Immigrants should be allowed to attend state sponsored universities
    at in state tuition rates? (1-10) 1

    Employers that intentionally hire illegal aliens should be fined and or
    arrested depending on the severity. (1-10) 5 Until the borders are secure
    and there is a working system of identification for the employers this will
    be difficult for the government to fairly enforce.

    English should be the national language of America. (1-10) 10

    I support the SPP Security and Prosperity Partnership and Agreements that
    combine the economies of America, Mexico, and Canada. (1-10) 1

    I believe the existing law that says aiding and abetting illegal aliens
    inside the US is a crime should be enforced? (1-10) 10

    Banks should be allowed to continue giving taxpayer backed home mortgages to
    illegal aliens? (1-10) 1

    Executive Branch orders to US Border Patrol to only "Catch and Release"
    illegal aliens at the border and not to speak to the media or Members of
    Congress should be rescinded? (1-10) 10

    Congress should investigate why the Executive Branch of the United States is
    not enforcing our existing immigration laws, why all fines against employers
    had ceased by 2004, and why some actions of the Executive branch appear to
    be more in the interest of drug and human smugglers than the American
    public? (1-10) 7 We don't need more Congressional grandstanding and
    hearings. We need to just get the job done on the border.

    Short Answer

    Has your campaign addressed the topic of illegal immigration in speeches,
    commercials, ads, or campaign materials? What are those messages? (Please
    provide sources or examples) Yes (The information below is on our website
    and was a mail piece.)


    President Ronald Reagan was right when he said, "The simple truth is that
    we've lost control of our borders and no nation can do that and survive."
    Securing our borders is a matter of national security, personal security and
    financial security. We cannot claim to be serious about the war on terror or
    say that we support our troops when terrorists, in many areas, can simply
    walk across our borders. While employers who knowingly hire illegal
    immigrants should be prosecuted, the fact remains that terrorists are not
    coming here looking for jobs. While illegal immigrants are clearly causing
    serious financial pressure on our schools, courts and health care systems,
    the terrorists are not coming here for education or health care. Something
    is terribly wrong when we send our military to secure Iraq's border with
    Syria while at the same time refusing to secure the borders of this country.

    Congress must take immediate action to secure our borders. Securing our
    borders will not only enhance our national security, it will improve our
    financial security by stopping the epidemic of illegal immigration and the
    great strain that illegal immigrants place on our state and local
    governments. I would like to note that in 2005 our border patrol apprehended
    some 115,000 illegal aliens from countries other than Mexico (no one knows
    how many others made it through).

    There are some who say we must give amnesty to the millions of illegal
    immigrants in our country - I disagree. Amnesty does nothing more than
    reward illegal behavior. We must keep respect for the rule of law as the
    principle shaping the heart of our border and immigration policy. It is
    nonsense to think that a person who broke our laws to enter our country
    illegally will suddenly begin obeying our laws if we give them legal status
    through a grant of amnesty.

    I support legal immigration in reasonable numbers. Anyone given citizenship
    must first prove that they have learned our language and civics are willing
    to obey our laws and will contribute to our country. Our immigration policy
    must not reward those who smuggle illegal drugs, accommodate those who cheat
    our social services systems, or force any US citizen to forfeit their job.

    My father immigrated to the US legally. He learned fluent English and
    American civics, obeyed the law and worked hard to contribute to our
    country. He became "Americanized". Anyone who does that should be welcomed
    to our country.

    Securing Our Borders
    The security of our nation and our families compels us to stop illegal
    immigration and dramatically increase the number of border patrol agents
    protecting our borders. I support using technology and barriers along with
    utilizing the National Guard to assist the Border Patrol. As your
    Congressman, I will push to hire the needed new agents to ensure that the
    Border Patrol has enough manpower and other resources to properly secure our

    Enforcing Immigration Laws
    Our local, state, and federal governments must vigorously enforce
    immigration law. Of those receiving deportation orders, 85% remain here
    illegally. Most illegal immigrants know that once they cross into our
    country there is little chance they will be deported even if they are
    arrested. Our government refuses to enforce immigration law and that must
    stop. In Congress, I will work to ensure that all levels of government
    vigorously enforce immigration law.

    Amnesty Has Not Worked
    Guest worker programs that provide amnesty to illegal immigrants are not the
    solution. Our federal government offered amnesty in the past creating a
    perpetual cycle that has actually increased illegal immigration. The law is
    clear and I believe those who break our laws and come into our country
    illegally should not be rewarded with legal status. As your next
    Congressman, I will oppose any attempts to give amnesty to illegal

    Relief For American Taxpayers
    The failure of our government to secure our borders not only jeopardizes our
    national security, it impacts our financial security as well. Providing
    services to illegal immigrants costs the American taxpayers an estimated $70
    billion a year. This is unacceptable. Only by securing our borders will we
    begin to reduce the financial burden that illegal immigration places on
    American taxpayers.

    What do you feel your opponent's stance on illegal immigration or
    immigration reform is or would be?

    Despite the fact that over 1 million people cross our border undetected
    every year, Larry Grant is opposed to properly securing our border.

    Grant says our border needs to be "loosened." (Meridian Chamber of Commerce

    He has repeatedly said that US borders have already been "hardened" too

    In fact, Grant even refuses to acknowledge that the lack of border security
    is a threat to our homeland security

    Grant says that border security is an "economic prob-lem" that can be fixed
    by giving illegal aliens amnesty Source: Associated Press 10/10/06

    Grant believes we should give amnesty to illegal aliens first, before even
    considering securing the border. Source: Spokesman-Review, 10/09/06

    Have you been endorsed by or received contributions from any other
    immigration reform or illegal immigration reduction groups at this time?

    Not that I am aware of.

    Would you openly accept an endorsement and or contribution from ALIPAC?
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    This creep refused to sign the discharge petition...he has worked with us on counsulates but nil on illegal immigration..he is in with the farmers.
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