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    IL District 7, REPUBLICAN, Charles Hutchinson for Congress

    Charles Hutchinson Illegal Immigration Stances Republican Candidate Campaign Congress US House

    Name of Candidate: Charles Hutchinson

    Name of Campaign Committee: Hutchinson For Congress

    Mailing Address: 801 S. Wells Street Suite #602

    Phone Contact Information: 312-977-1475

    Campaign E-mail and website:

    State and District: IL-7

    Political Party: Republican

    Is the candidate (Incumbent, Challenger, Open Seat): Challenger

    Incumbents only: What is your career grade at
    <> ?

    Campaign Funds Raised as of most recent reporting cycle: $300.00

    This form completed by (Candidate and Campaign Managers Only):

    Candidate Background Information

    Charles Hutchinson grew up in the Northwestern suburbs of Chicago where he
    attended Barrington High School. He then went on to receive his Bachelor of
    Arts in History from the University of Kentucky. Mr. Hutchinson returned to
    live in Chicago in 1998, and has been a resident of the South Loop ever
    since. In 2004 Charles started Trade Wind Flowers as a retail supplier of
    fresh, hand selected flowers. Trade Wind Flowers provides several corporate
    hotel and restaurant clients in Chicago with their everyday floral displays
    and supplies arrangements for weddings and events, as well as doing business
    over the internet.

    Charles Hutchinson currently works within the 2nd Ward Republican
    Organization and serves as the Vice President. Prior to that, Mr.
    Hutchinson was active in grassroots work for the Republican Party since the
    age of 18. Charles Hutchinson serves the community in numerous ways and
    believes in giving back when, and however, he can. Charles Hutchinson has
    donated numerous hours with the Junior Achievement Organization while in
    college, and has continued to work with and donate to the Little Sister of
    the Poor since high school. Mr. Hutchinson sits on the School Board of Old
    St. Mary's Catholic School, where he has been an active member since the
    school's beginning. Mr. Hutchinson has attended outside seminars concerning
    education, as well as working with the parents, faculty, administration, and
    fellow Board Members with the sole purpose of providing a top notch
    education for the students. Mr. Hutchinson is also a proud member of the
    Knights of Columbus council #182 (Chicago chapter) which was founded in 1896
    as the first council in Illinois. Mr. Hutchinson proudly serves as the
    chairman for his council's Mental Retardation/Learning Disabilities Fund

    Charles Hutchinson takes the initiative when it comes to bringing people
    together. Mr. Hutchinson founded the Beta Theta Pi Alumni Organization in
    Chicago, brining together young men from diverse backgrounds to meet and
    work together for the betterment of local collegiate Beta chapters, and to
    learn from each others experiences while keeping strong the bonds of
    brotherhood. Mr. Hutchinson also founded the current Cherry Circle
    Striders, the official running club of the Chicago Athletic Association,
    where members meet to run and share in physical fitness in and throughout

    In his free time, Charles Hutchinson enjoys spending time with his wife
    Eileen, of 3 years, and their new baby daughter Kathleen. The Hutchinsons
    may be found walking their two dogs along the lakefront, or in one of
    Chicago's numerous and fantastic parks. The Hutchinsons always enjoy
    watching Chicago's great sports teams, visiting a local museum, or
    participating in a 5K run. Mr. and Mrs. Hutchinson love dining out with
    family and friends in any one of the palate pleasing restaurants in the
    South and West Loop, and are also subscribers to several of Chicago's
    theaters allowing them to enjoy the culture and imagination that thrives in
    our artistic communities.

    Top Campaign Issues: Poverty, Jobs, Education, Security, Veteran's Affairs

    Education, Awards & Honors: B.A. History from the University of Kentucky

    Academic All-American

    District Information

    Please give a brief description of your district: According to the latest
    census information the 7th Congressional District had a population of
    592,000. The population was 47% male and 53% female; 34% White, 59% Black,
    4% Asian, 7% Hispanic. 10% were age 65 and over; 23% age 45 to 64; 31% age
    age 25 to 44; 9% age 18 to 24; and 26% under age 18. There are 22,085
    veterans living in the 7th District. The 7th District is wholly within Cook
    County and bordered on the east by Lake Michigan and extends to the western
    border of Cook County. The district is generally south of Armitage Avenue
    and has one arm which extends as far south as 57th Street. It includes much
    of the West Side of Chicago and parts of the suburban communities of
    Bellwood(all), Berkeley, Broadview, Forest Park, Hillside, Maywood, Oak Park
    (all), River Forest (all) and Westchester. In Chicago, the 7th District
    includes all or part of the community areas of Austin, Armour Square,
    Douglas, East Garfield Park, Englewood, Fuller Square, Grand Boulevard,
    Humboldt Park, Kenwood, Loop, Near North Side, Near South Side, Near West
    Side, North Lawndale, Oakland, Washington Park, West Englewood, West
    Garfield Park and West Town.

    Percentage of Democrat, Republican, and Unaffiliated Voters:

    14,017 Registered Republican voters

    115,360 Registered Democratic voters

    137,657 Independent Registered voters

    Survey Questions

    (Please describe your feelings on the following with a number 1-10 or with
    the response Undecided (1=Strongly Disagree, 2-4=Disagree, 5=Neutral, 6-9
    Agree, 10=Strongly Agree)

    I believe illegal immigration can be reversed if we enforce our existing
    laws? (1-10)


    As a member of Congress I will use the full force of my office to ensure the
    Executive Branch starts to enforce our existing immigration laws? (1-10)


    Illegal Immigrants should be deported when detected in the interior of the
    US? (1-10)


    Law abiding and legal American citizens should be required to accept
    biometric identification? (1-10)


    I believe that local and state police should assist with immigration
    enforcement? (1-10)


    Federal taxpayer funding to groups that support illegal immigration like La
    Raza should be stopped. (1-10)


    I support "Comprehensive immigration reform" that would allow illegal aliens
    currently in the US to stay without fear of deportation as guest or
    temporary workers? (1-10)


    Illegal aliens should be allowed to leave the US and return quickly on a
    fast track as guest or temporary workers? (1-10)


    Illegal Immigrants should be allowed to attend state sponsored universities
    at in state tuition rates? (1-10)


    Employers that intentionally hire illegal aliens should be fined and or
    arrested depending on the severity. (1-10)


    English should be the national language of America. (1-10)


    I support the SPP Security and Prosperity Partnership and Agreements that
    combine the economies of America, Mexico, and Canada. (1-10)


    I believe the existing law that says aiding and abetting illegal aliens
    inside the US is a crime should be enforced? (1-10)


    Banks should be allowed to continue giving taxpayer backed home mortgages to
    illegal aliens? (1-10)


    Executive Branch orders to US Border Patrol to only "Catch and Release"
    illegal aliens at the border and not to speak to the media or Members of
    Congress should be rescinded? (1-10)


    Congress should investigate why the Executive Branch of the United States is
    not enforcing our existing immigration laws, why all fines against employers
    had ceased by 2004, and why some actions of the Executive branch appear to
    be more in the interest of drug and human smugglers than the American
    public? (1-10)


    Short Answer

    Has your campaign addressed the topic of illegal immigration in speeches,
    commercials, ads, or campaign materials? What are those messages? (Please
    provide sources or examples) YES. In the Q&A section of the Hutchinson for
    Congress webpage ... kforum.htm

    The message is simple. Illegal immigrants are illegal, and we should
    enforce our laws.

    What do you feel your opponent's stance on illegal immigration or
    immigration reform is or would be?

    My opponent not only supports amnesty for illegal aliens, he also supports
    putting illegal aliens on the welfare rolls, providing them with social
    security, and housing benefits. This can be found on the Issue Positions
    (NPAT) page of

    Have you been endorsed by or received contributions from any other
    immigration reform or illegal immigration reduction groups at this time?


    Would you openly accept an endorsement and or contribution from ALIPAC?


    Please use the remainder of this space to share any further opinions on
    these issues. (optional)


    Candidate Pledge

    I, _Charles Hutchinson__, hereby pledge to stand with the American public to
    have the US Border secured and existing immigration laws enforced with the
    intention of reducing the number of illegal aliens entering and remaining in
    the US. I understand that the vast majority of Americans want the border
    secured, taxpayer benefits for illegal aliens ended, local police helping to
    enforce immigration laws, and employers that hire, aid, and abet illegal
    aliens to be charged.

    Furthermore, I will not support any trade agreement or Executive Branch
    treaty that compromises our ability to enforce our existing immigration laws
    and threatens US sovereignty.

    I will actively oppose any attempt to remove or replace the current laws
    that say illegal aliens are to be deported with a guest worker or temporary
    worker program that allows illegal aliens to stay or quickly return to the


    _Charles Hutchinson__________________
    Candidate Name


    Charles Hutchinson

    Candidate for Congress

    Illinois 7th Congressional District
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