Friends of ALIPAC, rival campaigns, and members of the media:

I have spoken at length with Mr. Fleming who is one of our endorsed candidates for Congress in Louisiana. We received a copy of the following video after our endorsement was made.

Fleming Comments Video ... re=related

I questioned him extensively about this video because ALIPAC has a policy of not endorsing any candidate that supports any new immigration programs that would provide any legalized status or amnesty for illegal aliens currently in the US.

Mr. Fleming assures us verbally and in writing that he was not advocating any new guest worker or temporary worker programs but only sought to describe how current legal immigration channels and worker programs should work. He misspoke when he said the word 'illegal aliens' in the video and has provided us with the written response and assurances below.

At this time, we will allow our endorsement to stand and we will continue to research this race and respond should any new information emerge.

Thank you,

William Gheen
President, Americans for Legal Immigraiton PAC

Dr. John Fleming's written follow-up to our phone conversation.


I am writing to you in response to our discussion today to clarify my
position on legal and illegal immigration. I want to be sure and establish
my position on this. My position is this and has always been this:

1. We need secure borders

2. There should be no amnesty for illegals, ever.

3. We should stop "anchor" babies

4. We should stop sanctuary cities including removing federal funds, if

5. We should enforce all laws on the books relative to legals and illegals.

6. We should hold employers accountable for proper documentation and hiring of legal aliens.

7. We should empower local law enforcement to apprehend and pass illegals on to the proper authorities for deportation.

8. Because our current system of immigration does not allow us to properly monitor and control even legal immigrants into this country, we should not allow any *new* programs of legal immigrants across our border.

In my discussion on video in which I discuss busing legal immigrants, I was referring to existing legal immigrant programs, not new ones. I was simply pointing out that we should control their movement to and from this country,not create new programs or increase the flow of legal aliens.

With Kindest Regards,

John Fleming