ALIPAC Endorsed Candidate for Congress

Name of Candidate: K. Bruce Brown

Name of Campaign Committee: Committee To Elect Bruce Brown

Mailing Address: PO Box 5306, Playa Del Rey, CA 90293

Phone Contact Information: 310 651 1816
310.486.0749 Charles Ecker, Media Contact

Campaign E-mail and website:

State and District: CA 35th CD

Political Party: R

Is the candidate (Incumbent, Challenger, Open Seat): Challenger

Incumbents only: What is your career grade at ?

Campaign Funds Raised as of most recent reporting cycle: June report $6,900 (our strategy is a "shock and awe" delivery Maxine Waters cannot respond to once her corruption is made public. Based on this quarter, weexpect to report at least

This form completed by (Candidate and Campaign Managers Only): Candidate

Candidate Background Information: 20 year high tech Corporate, 22 year entrepreneur.
Threw away existing life two year ago to go into the inter city of Los Angeles and break the lock the Democrats have on the minority vote. This single act would change the world. I have penetrated the minority community like no Republican ever has, doing gang intervention work and youth outreach and have both a huge African American army and a Latino army. We have the right stuff to take out Maxine Waters but the RNCC does not have the gut to beat her.

Top Campaign Issues: 1. Jobs Jobs Jobs, 2. education and 3. safe streets (gangs)

Are the issues of illegal immigration and Amnesty addressed on your campaign website? If so, please provide us with a link. I have two places, ... ideos.html

Education, Awards & Honors: BSCE Rutgers, MBA Peperdine, PMD Harvadr Busness School

District Information

Please give a brief description of your district: Its basically South Central LA, about 40% black, 45% latino

Percentage of Democrat, Republican, and Unaffiliated Voters: D 60% R20% U20% Surveys are showing 40%-45% of Dems do not want Maxine Waters.

Survey Questions

(Please describe your feelings on the following with a number 1-10 or with the response Undecided (1=Strongly Disagree, 2-4=Disagree, 5=Neutral, 6-9 Agree, 10=Strongly Agree)

I support Arizona's new immigration law SB 1070? (1-10) 10

As a member of Congress I will use the full power of my office, including
impeachment if necessary, to ensure the Executive Branch starts to enforce our existing border and immigration laws? (1-10) 10

Illegal Immigrants should be deported when detected in the interior of the US? (1-10) 10

I will oppose any form of Amnesty or path to citizenship for illegal immigrants currently in the US because allowing them to become voters would destroy future immigration enforcement efforts? (1-10) 10

I support Comprehensive Immigration ENFORCEMENT which will reverse illegal immigration in America? (1-10) 10

I oppose Obama's Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty. (1-10) 10 (20 if you had it)

I oppose Congressman Luis Gutierrez's Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty bill H.R. 4321? (1-10)
Link: 10

I would have opposed John McCain and Ted Kennedy's Amnesty bill S. 1033 in 2005? (1-10)
Link: 10

I oppose any non-emergency taxpayer benefits for illegal aliens, including welfare, food stamps, licenses, and in-state tuition subsidies? (1-10) 10

I believe that employers who intentionally hire illegal aliens should be heavily fined. (1-10) 10


If elected or re-elected to the US Congress, I will oppose any form of Amnesty or path to citizenship for illegal aliens, including Comprehensive Immigration Reform which would turn millions of illegal immigrants into voters thus destroying future borders of America. I will use the full power of my office, including impeachment if necessary, to insure the Executive Branch secures America's border immediately and begins to adequately enforce the existing immigration and border laws of the United States, which were enacted by Congress at the behest of America's citizenry. I understand that the failure of the Executive Branch to secure our borders and enforce existing immigration laws is depriving all Americans of a Republican form of government and depriving our states of protection from invasion as mandated by the US Constitution. I intend to use the power of Congress to immediately remedy this problem that is costing many Americans their jobs, wages, taxpayer resources, property, security, and sometimes their very lives.

So help me God,
K. Bruce Brown

Bruce Brown
310 651 1816

PO Box 5306
Playa Del Rey, CA 90293

ALIPAC Endorsed Candidate for Congress