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Welcome to ALIPAC's Illegal Immigration BLOGS Section and My First BLOG!

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by , 02-15-2012 at 11:37 AM (3081 Views)
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Illegal Immigration Fighters of America, Thank you so much for being here at We appreciate you joining our e-mail alerts and responding to our calls for you to take activism steps to fight back against the illegal immigration invasion of America and the traitors who are conducting this invasion on American soil. We have won many battles by passing tough new state laws to crack down on illegal immigration and by lobbying against and stopping Dream Act and Comprehensive Amnesty bills in Washington. While many illegal aliens are fleeing certain states in America now, the Obama administration has gone overboard and completely thrown the Constitution out the window to create an unlawful Amnesty for illegal immigrants. Between Obama's memo Amnesty for illegals that bypasses the US Congress and the Fast and Furious Gunwalker scandal; it is becoming very clear that Americans have been betrayed by the Executive Branch of our own government, which sides with invaders against American citizens. We must do more than ever with fewer resources in this wreckage of a once great nation. We must place the American government back in the hands of the American people and we must use every peaceful, political and civic minded tool at our disposal. We have to lobby lawmakers and candidates, volunteer for campaigns, fight for and against legislation, organize others, educate others, and continue to sound the alarm! We cannot stop and we will not surrender because those of us who have watched the illegal immigrant invasion of America closely know that it will eventually catch up with each and every American in one way or another, if we fail to defend our nation. The consequences of failure will be misery, pain, degradation, and even death for many of us. All across America, while the corporate and government controlled main stream media stays silent, Americans are being systematically displaced and replaced in our jobs, classrooms, relationships, and homes. This invasion and displacement is no accident. We continue to see some of the most well known names in politics and corporate power with their hands on the wheel of this attempt to overthrow the native and indigenous population of Americans who have built this great nation. Here at ALIPAC we built and maintained the world's largest archive of information about the illegal immigration invasion of America, illegal immigrant crimes and murders, politicians, campaigns, elections, violence in Mexico, laws, legislation, news, and much more. I hope many of you will consider trying your hand at blogging and write BLOGS for possible publication here. Make sure you use our TAGS feature in your BLOGS and link to important sources and pages here at ALIPAC as well as in other locations on the Internet. Our moderators and top activists stand ready to assist you in your efforts 24/7. Let's get these BLOGS rolling! Sincere regards, William Gheen President, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC)
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    I have tried 3 times to sign the Against Amnesty petition and I keep getting kicked out of the homepage! Is anyone else experiencing this problem?