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Thread: We must push through early Thurs at this critical moment

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    We must push through early Thurs at this critical moment

    Early Thursday, April 25, 2024, is a critical point in the battle to save America. We need you helping with two urgent action items! We must break through!

    Item 1:

    It appears several of our ALIPAC-endorsed lawmakers voted for the Ukraine-Israel funding bill, which this lone Breitbart article reveals to the American public... had 5 billion in funding for Biden to bring in more migrants, refugees, asylum seekers, illegals, etc...

    I've called several DC offices today and I don't think many even know this just happened yet!

    We need everyone, and I do mean everyone, to pick up phones early Thursday morning and begin calling every GOP lawmaker in DC before they leave town around lunchtime to talk to staff and answering services...

    Sample Message

    "I'm calling to ask if your staff and GOP Rep. ______ knew the Israel-Ukraine funding bill you just passed with unanimous Democrat support contained five billion dollars... $481,000,000 for Biden's ‘Refugee and Entrant Assistance’ and $3,495,000,000 for the Department of State's ‘‘Migration and Refugee Assistance’ ???" May I email you the article?"

    Contact Info for US House and Senate (Call Republicans in your state first, then more)

    Ask them to read this article and ask for emails you can send this to with the details. We need this article in the hands of as many GOP staffers and lawmakers as possible early Thursday! We must push through! They don't know yet like the rest of America.

    Article DC Staff & GOP lawmakers must receive from you

    Ukraine Bill Funds More Migration to U.S.

    Item 2:

    ALIPAC's ads account on Twitter is still permanently banned, and The Washington Times and Newsmax have been unable to reach or get a response from Elon Musk despite clear public reactions that illegal noncitizen voter information should not be censored.

    Please print hard copies of these two articles and mail them via the postal service to Elon Musk with polite notes...

    "Mr. Musk, please end Twitter/X censorship of @ALIPAC and against the sharing of documentation of noncitizen and illegal migrant voters committing voter fraud in America. Free speech is not yet free on X!"

    Articles to Print and Mail

    Elon Musk’s X bans post about illegal immigrant voting, calls it hate speech

    X Bans Post About Illegal Immigrant Voting

    Mail to

    Elon Musk
    Tesla Headquarters
    1 Tesla Road
    Austin, TX 78725


    Elon Musk
    Tesla Engineering Headquarter
    1501 Page Mill Road
    Palo Alto, CA 9430

    We must break through! Please make these calls and send these letters!

    William Gheen
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    List of who voted for and against the Ukraine/Israel bill that funds the invasion of America

    Sortable by Party, State and Votes
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