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Thread: Trayvon Martin Revenge Beating: 78 Year Old Attacked by 6 Youths (Video)

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    Trayvon Martin Revenge Beating: 78 Year Old Attacked by 6 Youths (Video)

    Trayvon Martin Revenge Beating: 78 Year Old Attacked by 6 Youths (Video)

    A 78-year old man, Dallas Watts, from East Toledo was beaten by 6 youths on Saturday. The boys are aged 11-17.

    He believes they were picking on him in retaliation for the Trayvon Martin case. He says they said "don't kill him or we all go to jail".

    He nearly passed out but two people nearby helped him out.

    Watts: 'You don't pick somebody off the sidewalk and let somebody else give him a lick ... that was malicious intent, that was a hate crime, I now want them punished for it.'

    Three of these kids have been charged. Two for robbery and one for disorderly conduct. But what about the other three kids allegedly to have been involved? And what is up with the "robbery" charge. Shouldn't it be assault and battery?

    They say that the case is being investigated so stay tuned for more information on this story, I am sure more will come up.
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    I guess they were out buying candy and the old man profiled them. Good kids.
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