• The Videos that Google and Illegal Alien Supporters Don't Want You To See

    Friends of ALIPAC,

    After months of trying our best, it is clear that Google Inc not only handed the keys to our YouTube account to a hacker fighting on behalf of the illegal alien invasion of America, but they have no intention of restoring our videos or responding to us in any way. We are doing our best to warn every patriotic group in America that while we must engage on YouTube, our work and videos are not safe from censorship there.

    We are rebuilding our hijacked account and we plan to place our videos in many different locations on the web.

    We need your help! Please take 10 minutes to watch the following videos, vote them thumbs up, make comments beneath them, and add them to as many websites and forums as possible. Placing these on Facebook and Twitter will also help.

    Each person who views these videos or comments will in turn spread the word across the web and more people will see and hear our messages!
    See these 3 Videos of a rally outside the White House in April 2007 and watch, comment, and share..

    Our American Government Has Been Hijacked Like A Cockpit on 911

    Illegal Alien Invasion Supporters Chant for Amnesty in Washington DC

    Illegal Immigration Fighters Introduced On Stage Outside White House

    The ALIPAC Team

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