GALLUP POLL: Immigration the most pressing issue in America for third straight month

05/03/2024 // Laura Harris // 570 Views

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The latest Galluppoll has shown that immigration is the most pressing issue in the United States for the third straight month.About 28 percent of respondents in February and March said immigration was the biggest problem in the country. The latest survey, conducted among 1,0001 voters from April 1 to 22, showed a nearly similar result, with 27 percent of Americans viewing immigration the same way. (Related: Gallup poll: Immigration is the most pressing problem for Americans today.)
This comes amid the heightened activity at the southern border as increasing numbers of migrants seek entry into the country. Notably, immigration tied with the government as the top concern in December 2023, when a record-breaking influx of migrants at the southern border set a record for a single month.
Despite various attempts to address the issue, immigration has overtaken the government as the country's primary concern.
Moreover, historical data from Gallup reveals that immigration has periodically emerged as a top concern since 2000. The ongoing streak marks the first time it has held this status for three consecutive months. Other top issues in the past two decades include the economy, government, the Iraq War, inflation, COVID-19, unemployment and terrorism.

Economic concerns have topped the list a staggering 101 times over the past 24 years. Governmental matters have held the top spot 85 times, with the Iraq War registering 50 appearances as the top issue during the same period.
Partisan differences make immigration the most pressing issue in the U.S.

Partisan differences have played a significant role in driving the surge in concerns over immigration.
Gallup poll uses an open-ended format to ask respondents about the most important problem. This format allows respondents to name up to three issues, which contributes to variations in total mentions each month. Through this, historical data reveals the consistent trend of Republicans being more likely than Democrats and Independents to prioritize immigration.

In the latest survey, 48 percent of Republicans cited immigration as the most important issue, compared to only eight percent of Democrats. Independents fell in between, with 25 percent expressing concern over immigration.
While there has been a slight decrease in its mention among Republicans since February when a record-high 57 percent identified it as the primary issue, the current 40 percent point gap between Republicans and Democrats is still one of the largest partisan disparities on record for immigration. The latest gap is nearly identical to the March gap, and is next only to the 47-point partisan difference on the same issue in February.
This level of polarization is unusual, with gaps between the parties' mentions of immigration this year exceeding those for any other issues over the past 25 years.
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