• 10 Days Left To Save ALIPAC

    We are so thankful to have been able to organize thousands of activists like you from all across America who are dedicated to fighting the costly and deadly corporate sponsored illegal alien invasion of our nation. Since 2004 we have fought many battles and won many David and Goliath match ups due to our strategies and willingness to often be the first organization to enter the fray!

    Unfortunately, fund raising has gotten tough for us, and while you have seen fit to fund each round up until this point, we currently have only 10 more days to save ALIPAC from permanent closure.

    The good news is that our thousands of first class letters are now in the mail heading to our past donors.

    The bad news is our account now has less than $200 in it and could overdraft or collapse at any moment at this low level. At the time of this email we have raised only $10,704 of the minimum amount of $30,000 we must raise by midnight on June 14!

    If we can raise the $30,000 we need, then we can fight against illegal immigration and amnesty into the Fall of 2015 and we can begin to unleash our new wild card strategy designed to remove more Eric Cantor type amnesty supporters from office using our distinctive experience removing Cantor last year.

    If we fail to reach the 30k mark, we will have to announce a permanent closing date sometime in the next two months.

    We hope you won't let that happen and that you will read this email and respond right away by donating what you can afford to Americans for Legal immigration PAC (ALIPAC) via...

    If you prefer to donate by mail or you are responding to one of our letters we spent our final funds to send you, please mail your check or money order in time to reach us before the June 14 deadline.

    Mail to...

    PO Box 30966
    Raleigh, NC 27622

    William Gheen
    (866) 703-0864

    PS: Please rally to us in our time of need. We have shocking and explosive new evidence here in NC that could shut down licenses for illegals legislation here and in other states, but we will not be able to deploy what we have discovered if we do not have the operations funds and remain stuck in fund raising mode which weakens us.
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