• 5 of 6 ALIPAC supported candidates win, illegals pick up amnesty seat in NC

    Friends of ALIPAC,

    We are very happy to report that the most ardent Republican supporter of Amnesty for illegal aliens in the US Senate has been defeated. Richard Lugar lost last night to our ALIPAC endorsed candidate Richard Mourdock in Indiana.

    We want to give a grand salute to all of the voters in Indiana and the Tea Party groups who helped to bring Richard Lugar's political career to an end. Now if only we can get rid of many of the other Republican Amnesty supporters in the US Senate and other public offices.

    Unfortunately, illegal aliens have new hope in North Carolina, where a gerrymandered district crafted by La Raza supporter and Republican state Senator Bob Rucho, favored NC State Senator David Rouzer so much, he defeated our ALIPAC endorsed candidate Ilario Pantano.

    We did all we could afford to do for Pantano on the limited budget our supporters donated. However, in the end it was not enough to overcome their advantage of drawing districts with the new computer technology being implemented by the traitors inside our own government. In fact, given the different lawmakers we lost through redistricting in California, the illegal alien supporting elites are likely using redistricting to destroy candidates and incumbents on our side in many states.

    Ilario Pantano won 8 out of 12 counties in the new district, but I had warned him weeks ago that I believed the district had been rigged in David Rouzer's favor. Sure enough, with the military bases cut out of the district, depriving Pantano of his most prime voting block and Rouzer's home county of Johnston weighing in as the heavy hitter, the game was rigged against Pantano and our resources were too frugal to overcome that advantage.

    Rouzer received 48% of the vote, Pantano 44% and the vote splitting spoiler candidate who helped Rouzer, Randy Crow, picked up the crumbs.

    David Rouzer went around the district branding Pantano as some kind of "Yankee" foreigner because Pantano grew up in New York before moving to North Carolina. Too bad Rouzer's concerns about people who were not born in North Carolina does not apply to the millions of illegal aliens he tried to give Amnesty and voting rights via the Agjobs Amnesty bill he lobbied Congress for in 2007.

    While ALIPAC played a key role in beating Rouzer's Agjobs Amnesty legislation in 2007, we were unable to beat him with his support coming from the Republicans running the NC Senate. You will remember that Republican State Senators Phil Berger, Tom Apodaca, and Bob Rucho have been aiding illegal aliens by blocking any major illegal immigration controlling legislation in our state. Now we have learned they are rigging districts in favor of other illegal alien supporting Republicans like David Rouzer.

    Our national problem with NC District 7 now is that Rouzer is most likely to win this November due to the computer simulation redistricting technology used in the district. Rouzer will face incumbent Democratic Congressman Mike McIntyre who has been one of the few Democrats in Washington who has refused to go along with Pelosi and Reid on Amnesty for illegal aliens.

    From what we are seeing locally, it appears that the new NC District 7 is a globalist trap designed to get rid of McIntyre and elect a pro Amnesty Republican to the seat!

    On a brighter note, all of our other endorsed candidates won on Tuesday May 8, 2012 and we extend our thanks and congratulations to ALIPAC endorsed candidates for US Senate Richard Mourdock, and US Congressional candidates Walter Jones, Howard Coble, Shelley Moore Capito and Patrick McHenry.

    Five of our six endorsed candidates won on May 8, and we thank Ilario Pantano for standing with Americans against illegal immigration and running a very strong race in a district that was designed to defeat him and Congressman McIntyre.

    William Gheen and the ALIPAC Team
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