• ALIPAC Swings Into Action Against the New STARS Act Amnesty Bill

    June 4, 2012

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    Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, a national organization that has played a key role in defeating Dream and Comprehensive Amnesty legislation since 2004, is swinging into action today against Republican lawmaker Rep. David Rivera's (R-Fla.) new bill called The Studying Towards Residency Status Act (STARS Act) numbered as HR 5869.

    Congressman David Rivera's HR 5869 was filed last week and currently has no sponsors. ALIPAC has played a key role in the defeat of Dream Act Amnesty bills in the past that are almost identical to the "Stars Act" by organizing thousands of American activists using distinctive and innovative strategies and messaging. In December of 2010, Amnesty supporting US Senator Dick Durbin cited ALIPAC's strategies as the cause for the implosion of support for the Dream Act bill that had been on the verge of passage. Earlier in 2010, ALIPAC pushed US Senator Lindsay Graham away from Amnesty negotiations with the Obama administration thus collapsing plans to pass Comprehensive Amnesty before the 2010 Tea Party sweep in the elections.

    "Dream Act and Comprehensive Amnesty supporters are attempting to rebrand the same nationally destructive legislation under a new name due to numerous prior defeats for the legislation both in Washington and in many states," said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. "A skunk by any other name would stink just as bad and this STARS Amnesty bill, those that support Amnesty, open borders, and illegal immigration all stink!"

    Dream Act Amnesty supporters are also trying to change the name of the legislation because a public referendum on state level Dream Act Amnesty legislation is on the ballot in Maryland this November. This was due thanks to the valiant efforts of citizen activists and lawmakers in the state of Maryland. A defeat for the legislation by public referendum in a state that is usually considered to be left leaning will be a death blow to the Dream Act. With scientific polling indicating significant super majorities opposing any form of Amnesty for illegal aliens, the Maryland ballot initiative will likely end any attempts to continue pushing the Dream Act dubbed the "Nightmare Act" by ALIPAC.

    ALIPAC's mission today is to alert the extensive national "ALIPAC ALERT NETWORK" that the Amnesty bill has been filed, that it is the Dream Act Amnesty under a new name, and to stimulate a large volume of calls to Congress opposing "Rep. David Rivera's STARS ACT AMNESTY FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS (HR 5869)"

    "Amnesty is back! It is now called the STARS Act!" said William Gheen of ALIPAC. "This bill would displace and replace American students in our limited seats in college, at taxpayers' expense, at a time when Americans need job training more than ever before due to the bad economy. It is shameful that some lawmakers are focused on helping illegal aliens more than the suffering American families who need jobs, job training, and less global and illegal immigrant competition right now."

    ALIPAC is often besmirched by Amnesty supporting groups and lawmakers as being somehow "hateful", "racist", or "extremist", for successfully lobbying state and federal lawmakers in support of existing border and immigration laws and against any form of Amnesty. In truth, ALIPAC is a national organization with approximately 22% of supporters being minorities, that works eagerly with minority candidates, leaders, and organizations, along with a credo presented during every media interview by William Gheen that "We want Americans of all races, parties, and walks of life working together to fight against illegal immigration."

    To schedule interviews about ALIPAC's efforts to defeat the Studying Towards Residency Status Amnesty Act or to join the fight against illegal immigration and Amnesty, please visit us on the web at www.alipac.us

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