• American Shield: We must go to the border July 4

    American Shield: We Must Go to the Border July 4

    by William Gheen
    President of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC)

    June 16, 2014

    For those of you who do not know the details of the new form of invasion occurring across America's southern border, I must ask that you read this emergency broadcast message with care. I pray you will take it to heart, access the background information through the links, and share this communication with as many other Americans as possible.

    We are calling for a peaceful citizen protest of the new illegal alien amnesty plan being conducted by the Obama administration called Operation American Shield to take place in El Paso on the weekend of July 4, 2014, and we need as many of you to come participate as possible! We must go to the border to shut down the new invasion of illegals who are minors!

    After many years of neglect of America's existing border and immigration laws by Bush and now Obama, we have 12-20 million illegal immigrants in America who are a threat to Americans, taxpayer resources, and elections. Those who stand on the side of America's current laws, borders, and the Constitution have barely been able to hold the supporters of immigration reform amnesty, which would destroy all three, at bay until 2014.

    It has been a hard fought battle, but now Obama is violating his oath of office, the Constitution, and numerous existing federal laws simply because high level Republicans are unwilling to impeach and remove him since they serve many of the same global elites that Obama serves!

    Our border is now besieged by a great flow of illegal immigrants under the age of 18 who are being persuaded by the Spanish language media in South and Central America to bum rush America illegally and immediately!

    Our Border Patrol agents are calling out for help from lawmakers and the public because they are being forced to let in violent criminals and to engage in the kind of human smuggling they are sworn to fight on our behalf. We need to let them know that help is on the way

    Obama's administration and much of the American media are orchestrating this invasion by sending the message that America's laws and borders have been overthrown from within by the highest levels of our own government, which is comprised of lawmakers who were elected through massive expenditures combined with lies and deception.

    The Spanish media is telling them to send their children to "El Norte" where they will have no fear of America's borders or immigration laws. They are being told their children will be fed, housed, receive medical attention, and will be "reunited" with "relatives" inside the US!

    Already, planes have been landing deep inside America filled with these new illegal immigrant kids. Obama and the backers of immigration reform amnesty are betting that soft-hearted Americans would never dare turn away children, and they are using these children to pursue their overthrow of the American Republic disguised as "immigration reform."

    US Border Patrol agents, who have leaked this information to us along with information that violent gang members are also crossing and that agents are being ordered to transport and assist the illegals instead of turning them away, are being threatened by the White House for speaking out and leaking information.

    The US Border Patrol has essentially been ordered to aid and abet the drug cartels and illegal immigrants at our borders.

    This new form of invasion, which relies upon treachery and treason in the top echelons of our own government, represents a deadly threat to our entire system of national security! It is an overthrow of our laws, the Constitution and our elections because those we have elected to Congress have passed legislation saying none of this should ever be allowed to happen!

    We are updating our homepage at www.alipac.us with as many stories as possible to inform you of this new level of threat where some estimate that around 250,000 new illegal immigrant kids are going to enter America rapidly in this fashion with the coerced support of the Border Patrol per orders from Obama who is probably acting on orders from his boss George Soros!

    We also want to thank Matt Drudge of the www.DrudgeReport.com and all the great people in the new online media and talk radio shows who are broadcasting information about this crisis to the public while the major old guard media in America stays silent or actively suppresses and conceals these events. One George Soros backed smear group even claimed that this new invasion was a product of my imagination when I first mentioned it in an email alert broadcast to our more than 50,000 supporters of www.ALIPAC.us!

    We apologize to everyone for our short delay addressing this new crisis in full, but our resources have been strained playing a role in the defeat of Eric Cantor. We are a political action committee and we would have even held back illegal immigration supporter Lindsey Graham if we had been able to raise and spend a few thousand more dollars! If the Border Patrol is going to fly all of these new illegal immigrant kids into the country, I say we send them all to South Carolina where they can be with Lindsey Graham and these Republicans who voted for their own electoral doom by reelecting him in last week's primary battle!

    ALIPAC must stay fully engaged using our new strategy that helped defeat Cantor in order to defeat Cantor's immigration reform amnesty supporting allies who still have their necks on the line in GOP primaries June 24 through August 7, 2014.

    We are going to be forced to fight on two fronts simultaneously both in the elections and at the border.

    Operation American Shield (July 4 weekend starting on Friday, July 4, 2014) El Paso, TX


    Our goal is to force the national media to report on this new crisis being orchestrated by politicians inside of America. We are also going to demand that the governors of Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and California order their state national guards to the border to block all illegal entries immediately.

    America must send the message that the doors are closed and our border is secured and that nobody should be trying to illegally immigrate or send their children north to do the same.

    Operation American Shield will need many American citizen volunteers who have clean criminal records and no affiliations with any truly racist organizations. This does not mean affiliations with all of the good groups like ALIPAC that have been falsely labeled racist or violent by Soros backed smear groups. Operation American Shield will be a fully racially inclusive effort as one of our core goals is to unite Americans of all races and walks of life who support America's borders and existing immigration laws and the Constitution!

    Operation American Shield will be modeled after the very successful nonviolent passive resistance movements of historic note.

    All Operation American Shield participants will need to volunteer for affordable ($25) background checks and agree to serve gun free. While I am a huge supporter of the Second Amendment, it is imperative that we all go as sheep before the wolves. We must go unarmed to the border.

    We are going to observe the border and document what is happening as we place ourselves physically in the way of the illegal immigrants. This is our nation and this is our border and we have the right to stand on it, in front of it, and to make a statement to the world that the border is closed to illegals.

    When the Minuteman Project went to the US-Mexico Border in 2005, it was proven that citizen volunteers could secure sections of the border from illegal traffic. Furthermore, illegal crossings in all sections of the border slowed and stopped in reaction to the presence of civilian watchdog groups. In Washington, DC, politicians were forced to focus more attention on border security instead of trying to pass immigration reform amnesty which would permanently destroy America's borders.

    Everyone in America must quickly realize that the Obama orchestrated illegal immigrant youth invasion that our Border Patrol agents are being ordered to assist with is what these treacherous elites have planned for America's future... Open borders and unending waves of people pouring into America until the current peoples, laws, and values of Americans are permanently submerged beneath destructive waves of impoverished humanity.

    We are going to call on Operation American Shield to be led by one or more of the following people who have the ability to both organize, support, report, and lead such an effort. ALIPAC is hoping to get the ball rolling and we will support this effort as much as possible while still working hard on the elections. We do hope that the following people will consider joining with us to be the public faces and front leaders of this unarmed, peaceful, volunteer citizen effort to end the new invasion tactic!

    We respectfully request that Laura Ingraham, Rush Limbaugh, Senator Jeff Sessions, Congressman Steve King, Congressman Joe Wilson, Michael Savage, Matt Drudge, Glenn Beck, Mark Levine, filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann, Congressman Lou Barletta, Rep. Candice Miller, or someone with their level of remaining media access step up to lead Operation American Shield at the border.

    Americans of all walks of life and ages can participate and parents will be responsible for all minors or children they bring, but we are especially interested in bringing in retired law enforcement, veterans, state and federal employees, and current or past elected officials to help with Operation American Shield. In addition, we are interested in hearing from other peaceful and racially inclusive groups and websites that would like to join us in a coalition on this effort. Only American flags will be allowed at this protest and no camouflage attire. Everyone should just dress like they do at home so the world will see average Americans stepping away from their homes to sop this invasion by forming a peaceful human chain. We will need bullhorns to broadcast to the illegals that no illegal entries will be allowed.

    This effort will need as much support as we can get from Breitbart, Infowars, World Net Daily, and any media that is able to rapidly organize at least a few hundred people to make Operation American Shield a success. We do not need to have very many people, just enough to form a line in the sand on the public property of the US Southern Border near the illegal crossings in El Paso. If we receive a large enough response we could set up more rally points in other states as well.

    The primary communications method to organize Operation American Shield will be by email alerts from www.alipac.us since we know from experience that both Facebook and Google will attempt to block this effort on behalf of the Obama administration and the immigration reform amnesty plans which they both support! So while search engines and social media are important, remember that e-mails are what we will rely upon.

    ALIPAC will get the ball rolling and begin organizing the event, but we need someone who still has media access combined with both proven opposition to amnesty and documented prior leadership ability on this issue to lead the charge! We cannot allow something this important to be led by any unknown or untested characters as such factors were the cause of the demise of the Minuteman Project's previous efforts at civilian protest actions at the borders.

    If you are willing to stand with us against this new wave of nation destroying illegal immigration as part of our Operation American Shield in El Paso Texas, on the weekend of July 4, 2014, and you have no affiliations with racist organizations that would be used to harm the entire effort, and you have a clean criminal record, please send an email to WilliamG@alipac.us with your name, address, phone number, and any information about people, skills, or materials you could bring to the table for this effort to close America's borders to illegal trafficking.
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