• Arizona bombing suspect should have been deported in 2009

    Abdullatif Aldosary, the 47-year-old Iraqi national charged with detonating an explosive device at a Social Security office in Casa Grande, Ariz. last week, had a felony record in this country prior to Friday's incident, which made him eligible for deportation.

    In 2007, Aldosary was charged with four counts of aggravated harassment, and he pleaded guilty to two of those counts the following year.

    Arizona bombing suspect should have been deported in 2009
    By: Dave Gibson

    He was sentenced to a year in prison, and actually spent eight months in the Maricopa County Jail.

    Aldosary was released in December 2009

    The Phoenix New Times recently reported the following details on that case:
    The victims of that harassment were the owner and employee of a Gilbert contracting business.

    The company installed a new security system at the time, and was trying to get nearly $33,000 out of Aldosary for that system, plus claims of lost wages, and various other claims of restitution.

    They were awarded a restitution sum of $747.62.

    In a filing ordering Aldosary to pay this restitution, the Maricopa County judge explains why their award was a small fraction of what they asked for.

    "The remainder of the amounts sought deal with items such as hiring security guards and installing security equipment at the victim's business based upon their perceptions that the Defendant was a threat to them and perhaps had ties to terrorist organizations," the order says. "While their belief was no doubt sincere, the Defendant was not charged in this case with any such conduct, therefore it cannot be said that his actions directly caused the expenditures that the victim seeks, other than those listed above."

    On April 29, 2009, five days after Aldosary began serving his sentence, the Dept of Homeland Security issued a detainer for him. However, the hold was cancelled on October 29, 2009, despite the felony conviction.

    So, when Aldosary's sentence was completed, Maricopa County sheriff's deputies had no choice but to release him.

    Aldosary was arrested again in September 2012 and charged with disorderly conduct and assault. That case is still pending.
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