• Border Patrol Officials Accused of Manipulating Information

    WESLACO - Federal agents are being "discouraged" from reporting the number of illegal immigrants who don't get caught, said the local vice president of the National Border Patrol Council Union.

    The agents are told to only report those captured and the ones returned to Mexico. The revelation comes as agents tried to locate a group of illegal immigrants Monday near Mission.

    "We see the reports of aliens. How many were apprehended, how many got away, how many turned back. Those numbers are never accurate," NBPCU Rio Grande Valley Chapter Vice President Chris Cabrera said.

    October 7, 2013

    "They tell us not to report it or they discourage the guys from reporting it. They come up with extra forms, extra paperwork to say, ‘if you see X-amount coming across, then we need to call so-and-so to come out and verify it. We need to generate this report.' In the past, we have X-amount that crossed through here. The number was good enough for everybody out there," Cabrera said.

    The practice could put agents in danger, Cabrera said.

    "It is important for these agents to know how many are getting away, to know how many (agents) need to be out there for safety purposes," he said.

    CHANNEL 5 NEWS called Border Patrol headquarters, but was unable to contact anyone because of the government shutdown. Releasing information to the media is considered non essential.

    Local congressmen wouldn't confirm or deny the allegations because their congressional contacts are on furlough.
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