• Controlled Demolition of the United States: The Non Citizenship Amnesty Lie

    Controlled Demolition of the United States: The Non Citizenship Amnesty Lie

    by William Gheen
    President of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC)

    This is it. This is not a drill. The globalists who have compromised the top tiers of America's media and government superstructure are going for broke with their plan which has been in the making for many years.

    Speaking of broke, they are broke.The entire political system responsible for governing us and protecting us should have ceased to financially exist long before now as they are out of money again. They no longer have the money to pay their salaries, their staff, or the light bill for the White House. Even though they just doubled the national debt in slightly more than a year, they have spent all of that already.

    Just as the math of the global financial apocalypse unwinds, this same unfunded mandate of a government is trying to pass Amnesty for illegal aliens by trying to compromise the first two protections of the Bill of Rights and the US Constitution. Does this surprise any of our long standing supporters?

    After the 2008 elections, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) tried to warn the nation that we had to fight against the "Three Nation Killers" to make it to the 2010 elections. We fought those three nation killers successfully giving the public another chance, but the 2010 political revolution was stalled west of the Mississippi river by large numbers of illegal alien voters who kept Senator Harry Reid and the Democrats in control of the US Senate.

    Please remember that it was ALIPAC that warned Americans first about the three prongs of this nation destroying cabal's plans which you now see manifesting all around you at once. We predicted this and now you should be able to see it clearly.

    The three "Nation Killers" that the globalists want in place in order to bury traditional America beneath their new super state that will fall under global control are: 1. Amnesty for over ten million illegal aliens in America; 2. Restrictions on freedom of speech to prevent future grassroots political rebellions against their plans and rule; 3. Gun bans and confiscation to assure that the American public is defenseless to fight any future atrocities, enslavement, or whatever they decide they want to do to the once free and self governed people of America.

    There has now been a very small swing to the left in Congress, with Democrats picking up a whopping 8 seats in 2012 compared to the 60 seats the GOP gained with candidates coast to coast running hard against illegal immigration in 2010. Most of the gains by the globalists were achieved by skullduggery and redrawn district lines when they tried to destroy the people who were not under their control, like Michele Bachmann, Allen West, and Mike McIntyre. West fell as did several true patriots in California who were redistricted out of office by the elites. In ALIPAC's home state of North Carolina, we helped save Mike McIntyre by a few hundred votes.

    From what we can tell in the news reports being collected in our archives at www.ALIPAC.us, our runaway government will probably agree to double or quadruple the debt again to buy themselves another year or two of authority and making sure all the components are in place for their nation building to succeed.

    Some of the first bills that will be filed and rushed will be for Amnesty for illegal aliens and restrictions of gun rights. Prohibitions on free speech on the web may be further legislated, or they may just crack down on us using Google and Facebook to remove speech they don't like.

    If you are one of our supporters on Facebook, please join our email alerts at www.ALIPAC.us because news has just reached us that Facebook has begun suspending accounts and deleting posts due to political content. InfoWars and others are reporting conservative bloggers who use Facebook are having their accounts shut down, or are receiving warnings from Facebook that their political views will not be allowed. Our ability to share information is under duress.

    We need each of you to understand that this Amnesty fight is going to be very different. Do not expect to see honest coverage of what is happening on any of the major news networks, including Fox News.

    While many of you have known for a long time that CNN, MSNBC, ABC, and CBS have all been singing the same pro Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty supporting song for years, while excluding reports of illegal aliens killing Americans, taking jobs from Americans, and stealing taxpayer resources and election votes.

    Now, Fox News has stopped having guests from ALIPAC, NumbersUSA, or FAIR on their show at all and many of their show hosts like Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Mike Huckabee, and Geraldo Rivera all support Amnesty for illegal aliens.

    For the last two years, Fox News owner and notorious billionaire Rupert Murdoch has been working hand in hand with gun grabbing billionaire Michael Bloomberg to pass a form of Amnesty for illegal aliens. Now Fox News mirrors their owner's bias on this issue.

    So, in effect, those of us fighting for American citizen interests against this invasion have been almost completely silenced on the national networks. The elites know that many of our American citizens will not stand up or motivate unless they see or hear about it on TV. Some are just not motivated or just don't believe anything real is happening, unless they see it on their TV. With Glenn Beck and Pat Buchanan off the TV now and Lou Dobbs converted to an Amnesty supporter, fired from CNN, and stuck in the back waters of Fox News, all of these who would oppose Amnesty have been silenced from our televisions as the elites prepare for this new assault on our nation.

    On talk radio, Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage will stand against Amnesty. Sean Hannity whom we have always suspected as a globalist asset has shown his true colors and claims to have "evolved" to the level of his boss Rupert Murdoch and now supports a "path to citizenship" for illegal immigrants. The big companies have also restructured talk radio so many of the smaller shows run by local hosts are now off the air, replaced by Spanish language stations and broadcasting other content.

    On top of preparing you for a steady stream of disinformation from the globalists on TV, you need to be prepared to see some of their "deep assets" turn on you in the final days of this national betrayal. The globalists have had many people in their pockets, both Democrats and Republicans, and up to this point it has been advantageous for them to pretend they are loyal to you, the American public. Sean Hannity's recent conversion to an illegal alien Amnesty supporter and Joe Scarborough's 180 degrees on American gun rights are just the beginning. Prepare yourselves for disappointment as the elites expose their deep assets as they go for broke with their plan.

    The good news for the side of American Defenders like us is A. We will now have better mapping of who all of the traitors are; and B. We can make a list and if we can defeat their plans once again, we can move forward to begin educating Americans about who truly represents We The People, the US Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, and who actually works for the billionaires engaged in what I call "The Controlled Demolition of the United States of America!"

    So you need to be prepared to motivate to defend America and our communications on the web, and if you are waiting for someone on TV to tell you to mobilize, it is just not going to happen. You will simply turn your TVs on one day to find that illegal aliens are on their way to becoming legal voters, your ability to own guns has been restricted, and new hate speech laws are going into place to prevent you from speaking out when future waves of illegal aliens push you and your descendants into the streets, swamps, and mountains.

    Finally, we have to warn you about their propaganda. According to the recent letter from turncoat Congressman Ted Poe sent to the Amnesty supporting publication POLITICO, not only are deep assets for the globalists like Ted Poe are not really on the side of Americans who are facing off against illegal immigration, but instead, they are going to use three primary propaganda strategies, two of which we have seen already.

    Strategy #1 "It's not Amnesty"

    We have seen this first strategy before that Ted Poe and others are using. John McCain and George Bush swore up and down that their "Guest Worker" plan to legalize millions of illegal aliens was not "Amnesty." They believed that they were so powerful with their friends in the media helping that they could actually change the definition of Amnesty just by saying so. In fact, these people announce on CNN and Fox News and say, "My plan is not Amnesty," and a certain percentage of Americans will say, "Oh, I heard it was not Amnesty, I'll go back to the home shopping network now."

    During recent calls to Ted Poe's office, a few of our new ALIPAC supporters were told our alert to them about Ted Poe supporting Amnesty was "disinformation," and that he did not support Amnesty and even says in his letter he is against Amnesty. So, once again we find ourselves fighting that old strategy of the "not an Amnesty" Amnesty.

    Strategy #2 "Hidden Amnesty Within Language You Like"

    There is one small poison pill that America needs to swallow to slumber forevermore and it is a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens that would turn them into voters whom you will watch dominate American politics should we fail. While sellout Republicans will try to convince you that you have a lot in common with illegal immigrants. This is a lie ! You will not enjoy watching what they do to your country, your workplace if you still have one, and your neighborhood in the future.

    Just like the Ted Poe letter to Politico shows us, they are going to bury the "path to citizenship" poison pill Amnesty under lots of things you like to hear such as "Secure the border first," "immigration reform," and "send the criminals home," etc. The toy they want will be buried in a box of Cracker Jacks and you won't see it unless you read the whole thing or look in the least read section of the letter (around the 75% mark) to see it.

    While Ted Poe ordered his staffers to lie to our ALIPAC callers and claim that his plan was not Amnesty, their claims fell apart when some of our activists confronted them with the news that the path to citizenship was indeed in the letter. US Law states that illegal aliens currently in the US are prohibited from applying for citizenship unless they return home to apply first.

    Poe's letter states, "Those (illegal aliens currently in the US) who receive documentation may eventually apply for citizenship, and those who have served in our military should be placed ahead of the line." Obviously, this most important point of his plan that would change the law to accommodate 10-20 million illegal immigrants should be in the opening and closing of his letter. However, it is not, it's only mentioned once in paragraph 4, sentence 7, immersed in other language you would like.

    After all, that appears to be what Ted Poe is. He is a hidden traitor immersed in pro enforcement clothing. We checked today and NumbersUSA still has Ted Poe listed as an "A" grade with full merits for "Opposing Amnesty." How long will that bit of fiction remain up on the web, and are all of the different illegal immigration fighting groups going to react as ALIPAC has to Poe's betrayal? We hope to hear from the other groups about Poe soon, but for now ALIPAC will lead the way into the fray.

    This is certainly a fight with Ted Poe that none of us wanted. We are aware of the impact it will have on the morale of our movement to see traitors like Ted Poe in our own ranks exposing themselves as assets of the globalists as the Amnesty trap is sprung.

    Strategy #3 The New One: "It's not citizenship Amnesty"

    The new strategy we face in 2012 from the Amnesty supporters is being presented by US Senator Marco Rubio, Congressman Ted Poe, and others.

    They claim that their legislation will legalize illegal immigrants without conveying citizenship rights. To many Americans who are intimidated by the power of the elites and uncomfortable with their backs against the wall they will say, "Well, I guess that sounds reasonable since they won't be able to vote."

    Well, guess what?!?! Illegal aliens are already able to vote and voting! Many Americans apparently have not been reading the ALIPAC email alerts about the confirmation of illegal alien voters in many states!

    Furthermore, we are quite certain that if you are a big enough sucker or desperate enough to swallow this promise that lifting the current penalties under law for illegal aliens will not lead to citizenship, then what you will get next will be all of the pro illegal alien groups immediately pushing for the vote.

    Once you remove the current laws requiring deportation, they can take their sweet time with all the rest and they won't stop. They will never stop. What will have changed is that you will never have a chance to peacefully get them out of America forevermore.

    Also, you do not have to be a lawyer to know that the courts will not allow Congress to establish a permanent underclass by law.

    Republicans like Rubio and Poe know that the courts will finish the Amnesty job they start, allowing them to confuse voters even more by coming out against what the courts do. These sellouts have met with their lobbyist handlers and true masters and created this plan we are seeing in several different locations at once.

    Lie to Americans to assure them the illegal aliens will not become citizens like the 1986 Amnesty under Reagan accomplished, then let a few activist judges handle the rest. The elites do not care how they get to where they want to go, just that they get there.

    One thing they certainly don't care about is you. Your job, your life, your future. If we are lucky they just don't care. If we are unlucky, these plans we face are meant to be our undoing and destruction.

    In closing, the last time ALIPAC helped defeat Amnesty, they sent 4 US Senators out against us. It was McCain, Graham, Reid, and Durbin. We took Lindsey Graham off the negotiation table with Obama in 2010 sending their plans into disarray. Graham's support fell to catastrophic levels after my speech at a South Carolina Tea Party rally heard coast to coast thanks to the mass media reaction. Now Graham is up for reelection and Fox News is helping rebuild his brand by appearing to be a fighter against Obama.

    This time they are coming at us with 8 US Senators.

    So it is clear that the globalists have regrouped after the defeats we have helped to hand them, and they are going for broke.

    Please remember that our revolution will no longer be televised. They want Amnesty for illegals, along with your guns, and your free speech. The Amnesty components will be hidden! They plan to lie to you extensively, and bury the Amnesty within language of which you approve. Be prepared to fight the Amnesty that is not an Amnesty and the Amnesty that is not a path to citizenship. They will all lead to millions of illegal aliens permanently replacing you in American politics.

    Be ready to stand up and fight harder than you ever have before. If the elites want America submerged and their new nation building to succeed, let's force their hand into the open by preventing our lawmakers from rubber stamping their dirty deeds.
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