911 FSA members and friends:

The following message is from Bob Shoemaker, a DC area activist. It is directed to activists in the DC area but really applies to all of us concerned about immigration across the country. If you can get to DC this week for the rallies in support of immigration reform, you can make a difference


An URGENT MESSAGE to ALL immigration reform activists, wannabees, and interested persons in the Washington, DC, Region:

Beginning on Monday, April 23rd, the help of local Washington area residents is desperately needed to support the "HOLD THEIR FEET TO THE FIRE" lobbying campaign that has been mounted by talk show hosts nationwide.

Hundreds of lobbying tourists from around the country will be coming to Capitol Hill to lobby for a more effective immigration policy, laws and enforcement. These dedicated volunteers will be paying as much as $1,400 each for airfare and hotel costs in order to express their opinions to Congress.

The costs to us local Washington area residents will be far less than $1,400 each, but we can volunteer our time in order to buttress the efforts of these dedicated people from around the country. It is important that we local residents come out in force to support their efforts (details and a schedule of events follow).

America needs your help. Illegal aliens and their friends in Congress - at this very moment - are trying to derail legislation that would strengthen our borders and keep illegal immigrants from getting driver's licenses. It's time to volunteer to tell Congress in person what you have been telling them over the phone and in letters and faxes. This is your chance to tell Congress directly â€