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    9/11 FSA: Important forward from Bonnie Eggle

    > Members and Friends of 9/11 FSA
    > Please read the enclosed forward from Bonnie Eggle, whose son was
    > sacrificed so that Home Depot, Tyson Foods, etc, can have cheap labor.
    > Bonnie Eggle's son Kris was a US Parks Department police officer who was
    > murdered in a national park on the Mexican border in 2002 by drug
    > smugglers.
    > He was sent to investigate suspicious activity and was sent alone because
    > the Park Department lacked enough resources to send more than one person.
    > This lack of resources resulted from the failure of both the Clinton and
    > Bush Administrations to support our men and women who patrol our borders.
    > Kris Eggle's death is the DIRECT result of decisions made by these two
    > Presidents. Both Clinton and Bush refuse to oppose the special interests
    > in our country who profit from open borders.
    > Because of people like George W. Bush, and Republican and Democratic
    > Senators such as Ted Kennedy, John McCain, Richard Lugar, Hillary Clinton,
    > John Corzine, Larry Craig, Representatives like Chris Cannon, Nancy
    > Pelosi, et al, little has changed since 9/11 2001 or since Kris's murder.
    > Not only are our men and women on the border in danger, but the ability of
    > terrorists to enter and live in the USA is no more restricted than it was
    > on September 11, 2001.
    > We all have a chance to bring about meaningful changes by supporting HR
    > 418, the Real ID Act, which has passed the House 261-141 and which Sen.
    > Kyl is about to introduce in the Senate.
    > I'm forwarding Bonnie's email regarding the refusal of federal officials
    > to repair the situation.
    > Regards,
    > Peter
    >>> Dear Friends,
    >>> According to this documented transcript from the Lou Dobbs Show, Janice
    >>> Kephard (Investigative Project on Terrorism) is emphatic that we must
    >>> realize there is a terror threat on our southwestern border!!! She was
    >>> very compelling and knowledgeable with facts. FBI Director Muller also
    >>> is EXTREMELY troubled about the infiltration from the southwest. I KNOW
    >>> this invasion is happening. We have friends all over the southwest who
    >>> VERIFY this on a daily basis. My son Kristopher William Eggle was
    >>> murdered because of this invasion........the threats to our country and
    >>> our countrymen are real. We personally understand what happens when
    >>> those who COULD DO something WILL NOT DO IT because it is not
    >>> politically correct and their agendas are not in the interest of the
    >>> common American citizen. We personally understand the devastation of
    >>> being informed over the telephone that our son/brother has been ambushed
    >>> and murdered by illegal alien drug smugglers. We personally understand
    >>> the HELL that this type of grief throws you into.....and how you NEVER
    >>> can go back to where you were before that horrendous time of your life.
    >>> We personally ache for others who suffer in this same way.We personally
    >>> know that the only way to keep from dying yourself is to find some
    >>> mission on this earth to become immersed in. We personally know that
    >>> things COULD BE different because we have been told that by some members
    >>> of Congress and people in high level positions in federal agencies. BUT
    >>> we also personally know that serious changes will never happen until
    >>> enough voices are heard from the masses in this country. We are trying
    >>> to do our part and we plead with you all to keep up the good
    >>> fight.......get personally involved for the good of your familes,
    >>> friends, and countrymen/women.
    >>> Listed below are so many more links to articles that should keep you all
    >>> awake at night. Read and pass on those that you feel are important
    >>> please.
    >>> Take care and remember those who are being sacrificed because people DO
    >>> NOT care enough. While Nero fiddled, Rome burned. NEVER FORGET.
    >>> Bonnie Eggle, Kris' mom
    >>> 3-10-05 'Under Seige:Life on AZ Border a Living Hell' by Leo Banks (AZ)
    >>> 3-12-05 'Cochise Sheriff, Rancher Face Suit' by Michael Marizco (AZ)
    >>> 3-13-05 '2 Deaths in Pickup Truck Crash--22 Illegals on Board' (CO)
    >>> 3-13-05 'Border Gang Member Arrested by Naco Officers' by X. Zaragoza
    >>> (AZ)
    >>> ... 2_gang%20m
    >>> ember%arrested.txt
    >>> 3-14-05 '103 Alleged Gang Members Arrested in Sweep' by L. Jordan (NY)
    >>> 3-15-05 'Defend the U.S. Homeland at ALL Costs' by Jan Herron (CO)
    >>> 3-15-05 'U.S. Charges 18 After Arms Smuggling Sting' TERRORISM AND
    >>> SECURITY
    >>> 3-15-05 'B.Patrol Captures 40 Brazilians' (TX)
    >>> Cq
    >>> 3-15-05 '66 Cubans Smuggled through Mexico into U.S.'
    >>> 9183r
    >>> 3-15-05 'Sen. Kyl Discusses how U.S. Could Lose War on Terror' (AZ)
    >>> 3-15-05 '13 Illegals Enter through Inlet--NO Boat found!' by Jill Taylor
    >>> (FL)
    >>> ... s/0315immi
    >>> grants.html
    >>> 3-15-05 'Gang Arrests had AlQaida Link'
    >>> 3-15-05 'ICE Agents Seize Nearly 7 TONS of Marijuana' (TX)
    >>> ...
    >>> ml
    >>> 3-16-05 'FDA Warns of Rotten Cheese from Mexico' by J. Warren (NY)
    >>> 3-16-05 'No Drop in Illegal Alien Flow' by Claudine LoMonaco (AZ)
    >>> ... tory_id=03
    >>> 1605a1_abci
    >>> Evidence Mounts: Border is a Terror Zone
    >>> Alliance Between Mexicans and Al Qaeda May Exist Janice Kephart - Former
    >>> Counsel to 9/11 Commission
    >>> Lou Dobbs Tonight - CNN - March 15
    >>> Dobbs: Is there any way in the world that the Department of Homeland
    >>> Security, this administration, this congress ...can claim that we have
    >>> border security in this country?
    >>> Janice Kephart: ... One of the things I did not discuss yesterday in my
    >>> testimony was something that dovetails very well with things that Deputy
    >>> Secretary Loy and FBI Secretary Director Muller have been saying about
    >>> infiltration from the Southwest. When I was on the Commission I became
    >>> aware of an open source alert to the Border Patrol...that said that the
    >>> Colombian FARC was meeting with Al Qaeda in Madrid Spain and their
    >>> interest was in acquiring Mexican Islamic converts to come through the
    >>> Southwest border.
    >>> WatchTranscript
    >>> ------- End of forwarded message -------
    Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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    Please let me correct a timeline on our border invasion.

    Reagan, who I liked, gave a 1-time only (hah) amnesty to illegals from everywhere who were living in the US in 1986. It was deeply ill-advised.

    This greatly encouraged illegals from all nations and they started flooding across our southern border because it is the easiest place to pretend to be Hispanic. They also had high and reasonable hopes that there would be another amnesty in the future.....even if it is disguised as a Guest Worker program, or if Congress calls it immigration reform. Just because you call a tree a hamburger does not make it is whatever it actually is.

    We now have every President and Congress since 1986, plus our Mr Bush, most of the Senate, most of Congress, and business activists to thank for the current estimates, from conservative government watch groups, of an estimated 20 to 29 million illegal people living in the US.

    Let me clarify one more point. This is not anti-immigrant because these people are NOT immigrants. They are not Undocumented Immigrants or Workers. Just like the person who runs a red light or robs a bank, these people are ILLEGAL and breaking US law.

    Now what part of ILLEGAL do you not understand?

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    What a heartfelt plea from Bonnie Eggle! Will people wake up and listen in time?

    This link was very interesting and could be a discussion in itself.

    It's about a Sheriff being sued for not stopping a rancher from protecting his own property from illegals. The ACLU is using this same approach against the MMP.

    There's ONE THING the President has sworn to do and that is to PROTECT us! If the government won't do its job and protect us and we can't protect ourselves...we are prey.

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    What can we do???

    We have all heard about impeachment and watched when Clinton was impeached but not removed from office. Well there is a different legal charge that is not very common but is effective.

    It is called Malfeasance of Office. This is particularly useful when dealing with elected or appointed officals. The burden of proof is much less. What you have to show is....that person's job description....NOT how they have not just not done their job very well......instead you is the oath of office you swore have grossly violated this oath and here is the proof and each instance of violation.

    IF you search on and search.starware.comyou can find cases where it was or is being used. Just run the search on Malfeasance.

    My idea
    It is VERY hard to fight someone up as high as a President. And, the president is nowhere near as powerful as Congress when they decide to do something. But if we all get together and select some Senator/Governor/whoever who is in their 1st term, and it was a close race (this is what ACLU does....intimidate) and lay this charge on them based on voting for unlimited immigration or open borders or NOT enforcing existing law....... and it must MUST be an ironclad case. We would HAVE to win.

    This action would rattle many cages. All they care about is power and keeping it. If they see one of their own lose that power, and their own voting record is not so hot....and other people join us if it is a success.....then that is a lever to get at the others. This may not influence Bush.....I have pretty much given up on that. But it will influence every elected person in Senate and House because they lust over being re-elected.

    Think that a search on those links.....then lets talk.
    Would have to find Constitutional legal help that has the same outlook.

    It's either do something like the above......or just let it all continue and ignore it........or physical revolution. I don't want to do the 3rd one.

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