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    ABP: What a Bunch of Crap

    What a Bunch of Crap

    September 2, 2007

    In story that ran today in the Daily Bulletin, Rachel Uranga writes, "The American Border Patrol, another civilian groups that turns immigrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border over to authorities and is a considered a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, says donations are up 25 percent."

    "This is a bunch of crap," says Glenn Spencer of American Border Patrol. "ABP applies high-technology to the border problem and the people it spots crossing the border aren't immigrants, they are illegal aliens." "Not only does this sad excuse for a reporter show her bias by calling these invaders immigrants, when she repeats the Southern Poverty Law Center's baseless claim that our high-tech firm is a hate organization, she exposes her anti-American bias," he added. Spencer says there is no doubt that Uranga is hit-lady for big-money globalists.

    In the past Uranga has written about how border security measures have backfired, and is president of the Los Angeles Chapter of the California Chicano News Media Association (CCNMA). "We're going to see a lot pro-illegal alien, anti-American propaganda spewing out of the press and some of it is going to have the Rachel Uranga byline," Spencer said. ... 70902.html
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    On the border
    I wonder if that makes my dog and I a hate group in their eyes?
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