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    ACTION ALERT: Protest Rhode Island In-State Tuition for Ille

    ACTION ALERT: Protest Rhode Island In-State Tuition for Illegals (In-Person Protest or Call)

    WHO: SWA Activists from RI, CT and MA – and ALL SWA’ers to call, fax or email.
    6 Rhode Island Representatives and Senators will be attending the protest and holding a press conference (see below).
    WHEN: Rhode Island State House (Smith St. Side). Providence, R.I.
    WHEN: Wed., Oct 5th, 2011, 5:00 P.M.
    NOTE: SWA will be providing signs for you to print out (if you need them please email us at
    Otherwise please bring your own (non-political) signs against in-state tuition for illegals, and American flags.

    On Facebook: Here is the Official Facebook Event for this Protest. Please share it widely.

    Background: In May 2010, Stand With Arizona activists rallied on behalf of Rep. Peter Palumbo – a rule of law Democrat who had introduced his version of Arizona’s S.B. 1070 in the Rhode Island legislature, but was silenced by the House Speaker, who refused to permit a vote on the bill, and also outrageously permitted La Raza activists into the House gallery to harass Rep. Palumbo.

    Now, Rep. Palumbo needs our help again, and we call on all Rhode Island, Connecticut and Eastern Massachussets SWA activists to drop their plans for Wednesday, and show your support for a protest rally at the Providence State House.

    WHY? Because new Gov. Lincoln Chafee – who was elected with only 36% of votes in a 3-way race – has decided he will emulate Obama’s dictatorial decrees on illegal aliens. Rep. Palumbo and other Democrats and Republicans in the legislature have blocked in-state tuition for illegals from winning passage for SIX YEARS. So Gov. Chafee asked the unelected czars of his ‘Board of Governors for Higher Education’ to enact it…and they did, unanimously, after a short, heated public hearing dominated by opponents of the measure.

    Stand With Arizona and its attorneys are consulting with Rhode Island groups to consider potential legal challenges to this outrageous bypassing of the will of the people of Rhode Island in court. Meanwhile we will stand with this group of 6 legislators and others tomorrow to show our opposition to Chafee’s tyrannical contempt for the rule of law. PLEASE JOIN US!

    UPDATE: Illegal Alien supporters have scheduled their own rally for 3:30pm also in front of the State House. the Guatemalan-American Alliance and the Immigrants in Action Committee plan to hold an ‘appreciation rally’ at which about 100 children will present Chafee with white roses to thank him for his “courage and unwavering leadership

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    Please, everyone act on this! Write or call or do whtever you can! I have already given Chafee a piece of my mind more than once and won't let up! We need your help now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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