Advancing Liberty in Florida

June 2, 2009

In Florida, regional coordinator Scott Olver and county coordinator Audra Montgomery have received a Special Certificate of Congressional Recognition for outstanding work as a taxpayer watchdog from Congressman Alan Grayson. These certificates were presented as a result of their work promoting HR 1207. Congratulations to Scott and Audra!

On Mass Action Day, Scott and Audra delivered over 500 petitions to congressional offices all over Orange County, Florida. They had made an appointment with Susannah Randolph, Deputy District Director for Congressman Alan Grayson, who was already a cosponsor. They thanked the Congressman for his previous support of HR 1207 and talked about transparency in government. The meeting with Susannah was not to lobby, but to thank.

Scott and Audra kept in contact and Susannah Randolph accepted an invitation to speak at the Orange County C4L monthly meeting. She was warmly received by the members, made a great presentation, and answered lots of questions. At the conclusion, she surprised everyone and presented Scott and Audra with Special Taxpayer Watchdog Certificates. This was one of the best local Campaign for Liberty meetings I have ever attended.

After the presentation, I walked the Deputy District Director out to her car. She expressed to me what a wonderful organization Campaign for Liberty is and that she had never seen better grassroots organizing. She complimented the professionalism and enthusiasm of the local group and stated she was looking forward to working with us on other issues in the future.

In Florida, one of our goals is to become a model organization for the rest of the country. Scott and Audra have advanced that goal.

Congratulations to Scott and Audra and our hundreds of other unsung members who are advancing liberty in Florida.

Until next time, keep up the good work!

In Liberty,

Mark Cross
Florida State Coordinator
Campaign for Liberty

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