Take Action Alert! Tell Congress to Make E-Verify permanent!

Californians For Population Control

Effective worksite enforcement is the key to genuine immigration reform. HR 478, by Rep. Phil Gingrey (R-GA), would make the E-Verify program both permanent and mandatory for all U.S. employers. With over 12 million unemployed American workers, we need mandatory E-Verify.

Act now to let Congress know that America wants worker verification. The E-Verify Modernization Act of 2013 would ensure that jobs go to legal workers by requiring the confirmation of new employee eligibility.

Tell Congress that a commitment to enforce our immigration law is the type of change that you support.


Please ask your Representative to make E-Verify mandatory and permanent. Send a fax or an e-mail by entering your ZIP Code and clicking "Go!" below.
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Californians for Population Stabilization - Alert! Tell Congress to Make E-Verify permanent!