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National Protest
Taxation without Representation Day

Who: You and all concerned citizens and LEGAL immigrants.

What: National Protest of Taxation without Representation.

When: Anytime on April 15, 2006, Saturday

(Note: April 17 is the actual tax-filing deadline. It is also the day of another national protest called A Day without Americans and would be another good day to protest at the Post Office. Details: )

Where: At a Post Office near you, Anytown, USA.

Why: Our government passes immigration laws but ignores them. We elected these “representatives” but they do not listen to us. We are forced to pay taxes resulting from their refusal to enforce the very immigration laws they passed. We are taxed but not represented. Instead, our government is representing foreign interests, not ours.

Instructions: Bring American flags and a sign saying, “Taxes too high? Here’s the reason why.” Stand on the public sidewalk or curb and hand out flyers to taxpayers as they come to mail their taxes. See attached flyer and make your own, if necessary.

Follow Minuteman S.O.P.(

Tell your local newspapers. If you have a lot of volunteers, picket your deaf representatives’ offices as well and deliver this message:

*Protect us*Enforce immigration laws*No guest worker program*No amnesty*

****Immigration---One issue, one vote—I will remember in November****

Indiana Federation for Immigration Reform and Enforcement
Indiana’s Minuteman Chapter
Contact page:



In 2004, a year when Indiana had a $600 million deficit, we spent:

· $206 million to educate the children of illegal aliens
· $28 million to incarcerate foreign nationals

For more information see Reports at:

About half of all illegal aliens pay taxes by using fraudulent or stolen Social Security Numbers or by using IRS issued Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers. Over 7 million ITINs have been issued but one fourth of them have never been used on a tax return. Households headed by illegal aliens imposed over $26 billion in costs on the federal government in 2002 and paid $16 billion in taxes creating a net fiscal deficit of $10 Billion.