We are doing it again! Many of you who missed the last one have asked if I
was going to do another one and I can tell you right now, YES. Friday
November 14th

Last year Eric Johnson helped me put together a really nice workshop that
many are today still talking about it. Well this year Eric came to me and
together we brain stormed some really good ideas on how to make it even
better this year.

Now as you know I don't like having to ask people to pay money to come to
the people's house but there were some issues that we just couldn't get
around so there will be a cost this year. However, this year we will be
serving a continental breakfast and lunch. We will also have materials for
you once you check in. We are also holding this on the Senate Floor.

Now when we did this last year the tickets were sold out in one week, so
don't delay, get your tickets now.

For more information and to purchase your tickets go to <>

This will be a great event folks; you really don't want to miss this one.