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    ALERT! President Obama renews his call for amnesty in speech at border.
    Tell him NO amnesty!

    In his first trip to our southern border, President Obama reiterated his support for "genuine immigration reform" that includes an amnesty for illegal aliens. Speaking in El Paso, Obama offered the same old clichés and offered nothing new or substantive.

    Obama said he wants to see middle-class wages increase, but, of course, his support for amnesty and massive immigration increases job competition and decreases wages. Amazingly, he stated that the border fence was "basically complete," and he specifically supported the DREAM Act amnesty.

    It is shocking that with an unemployment rate of 9.0 percent—24 million Americans are out of work—Obama is pushing for an amnesty that will encourage more illegal immigration and more illegal workers to take jobs from citizens and legal immigrants.

    Let Obama know that Americans do not want an amnesty—not now, not next year, not ever.


    Tell President Obama that you are steadfastly opposed to any amnesty proposal. Send a fax or an e-mail by clicking "Go!" below.
    Take Action Now!
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    Please READ AND DISTRIBUTE!!!! North American Union Confirmed by WikiLeaks Document!!!

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