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    CIS: REAL ID v PASS ID Powerpoint Presentation

    From: The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS)

    REAL ID v. PASS ID Powerpoint Presentation

    By Janice Kephart, July 14, 2009

    Today I participated in a REAL ID v. PASS ID event at the Heritage Foundation. For the Heritage event, I created a Powerpoint presentation covering the following topics:

    the key flaws of PASS ID including the elimination of identity verification;

    the one benefit of PASS ID in enabling Enhanced Driver Licenses to be deemed compliant (which could simply be an add-on to REAL ID); and

    the importance of birth record digitization and interstate connectivity mandated by REAL ID but eliminated by PASS ID, resulting in a tremendous loss for every state's anti-fraud measures.

    In general, the powerpoint makes clear:

    PASS ID is unnecessary; REAL ID is a better, stronger law that at least 16 states openly support while at least 10 others are quietly working towards compliance.

    PASS ID eliminates key elements of security called on by the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrator's Security Framework of 2004 and does not live up to 9/11 Commission recommendations.

    Eliminates birth record digitization and interstate connectivity-- perhaps the single most negative aspect of PASS ID.

    A backgrounder I did with Jena McNeil Baker of Heritage on this issue can be found at: ... bg2288.cfm. This piece will be submitted for the record tomorrow at the Senate Homeland Security hearing on the issue. (note the link above is no longer active.)

    UPDATE (7/15/09):

    PASS ID Weakens Drivers License Security, Opponents Argue
    By Mickey McCarter
    Homeland Security Today, July 15, 2009
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    Both pASS ID and Real ID are flawed. I can understand putting illegals into a centralized biometric database but not All law abiding Americans.
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