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    Corporate Interests Pour Cash Into Cannon Campaign

    Dear Friend,

    I have never seen anything like it. Once you are within 20 days of an
    election, law requires that candidates give almost a daily accounting
    of contributions to the FEC. Chris Cannon’s reports are shocking!
    Corporate America is pouring money into his campaign—to the tune of over $140,000 in just ten days!

    And all this just further exposing the depth of hypocrisy of this
    candidate. With one hand, Congressman Cannon is campaigning on a
    platform of never having supported amnesty and having never encouraged illegal immigration—a tough on immigration guy! Then, with his other hand, he is out panhandling every beneficiary of the cheap illegal labor known to man.

    The duplicity is not to be believed!

    Don’t get me wrong—we are not discouraged—just a little shocked. It’s
    like reading all about drug deals—then actually witnessing one. It
    shakes you up! Well, we are witnessing the corporate purchase of a
    Congressman and it is alarming—even for this old pro.

    Let me name just of a few of his recent corporate donors:
    Home Depot, Inc;United Parcel Services Inc; Wal-Mart Stores, Inc; Walt Disney Productions;Independent Community Bankers of America; National Restaurant Association;Hotel PAC; National Roofing Contractors, US Chamber, American Express;California Farm Bureau; Dairy Farmers; International Council of Shopping Centers; National Rural Letter Carriers; and Western Growers.

    Do you get the picture? They’re the ones living off the illegal
    workers—one way or another. Washington is selling out the country to

    While their power is daunting and wealth immeasurable, we have to stop

    And there are signs we are making progress. We forced Cannon to go to
    the big boys for a bailout. He is one week away from a primary battle
    against a complete novice and he is in full panic! And you and I-- we are
    responsible for that.

    But we haven’t beat Cannon yet. Our ad guaranteed that immigration
    would be the defining issue of the race and has caught Cannon in his web of lies. And, thanks to your generosity, we are now up again this
    week--on both of the major radio stations—throughout the day! As money comes in this week we will strengthen that buy even further right up to Election Day! Any contribution you send will go right to this cause.

    And to extend our reach even further we have managed to get an enormous amount of free media—newspaper stories and radio interviews. We definitely have Cannon on the ropes—his internal polls must show that. Otherwise, there is no way the powers that be would orchestrate such a sudden massive dumping of cash into his campaign.

    Corporate America knows what we know—a defeat for Cannon will
    jeopardize their agenda something terribly. And remember that agenda includes amnesty for themselves, as well as their workers.

    Beating Cannon is going to be tough—but we always knew that. I just
    have to believe that if we can reach enough of the voters and expose the
    truth about Cannon’s role in this immigration crisis, they will have the
    fortitude to hold him accountable, and throw him out of office.

    Thanks for your help in taking the battle right into the backyard of a

    My best,
    Bay Buchanan
    All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing. -Edmund Burke

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    Do you get the picture?
    Sure do!
    Unemployment is not working. Deport illegal alien workers now! Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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